Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack

“Style and function meets with Tumi’s Dalston Alvington Backpack. Ready for more?” BBB Team


The Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack                           

The Dalston Collection from Tumi got its inspiration from London’s east end district with its famous shops, record stores, art galleries and clubs. The entire luggage in the Dalston Collection stirs in a new air to urban travel. The collection itself exudes practicality which is vital to modern-day active business man. It comprises a wide range of bags depending on your use.

Among the collection, the Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack stands out. It is the perfect bag that you can use for any kind of adventure. You can use it for work, school and even weekend excursions. The backpack has adequate room for your basic essentials, gear and most importantly, a secure spot for your technology such as your laptop, phone and tablet. As a businessman, the Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack is my perfect match.

Not only is it versatile, it is convenient, functional and comfortable. For sure, it one of the best backpacks I have come across. We have classified the Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack under our LAETE℠  A  Category  – Active backpacks.


Quick Overview

The Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack is a one-of-a-kind backpack. It radiates the signature Tumi professionalism while bringing something new to the collection.

Wherever you go and whatever adventure and challenges await you, you can trust the Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack. The backpack does not take any chances. Tumi made sure that the backpack is well-built to make sure that not only your items are organized, but protected and secured as well. The Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack flawlessly merged style and function.

Style-wise, the Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack has the urban vibe on first look. It is casual-looking so you can bring it to weekend trips and also has an edgy-professional feel so you can definitely use it as a work bag. The backpack is equipped with both interior and exterior organization for all your needs. The ingenious design from Tumi was made in such a way in order to target modern, open-minded, and driven individuals who can balance work with play.

When it comes to comfort, the Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack is an intense competition. The backpack is fitted with padded shoulder straps that are adjustable as well as a cushioned back panel. The Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack is the ideal carry-on luggage too. It is equipped with an add-a-bag sleeve that allows you to insert it conveniently onto your trolley handle. This allows better mobility and ease of travel.

The Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack is one bag that, despite its size and looks, can accommodate a lot. It is definitely more than meets the eye! You can pack in all your gadgets from your laptop, tablet, to your cellphone. Plus, it has enough room for your everyday essentials. The Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack makes sure that your items do not just fit but are arranged in such a way that they are smartly organized.


Backpack Producer Technical Specifications

  • Model number: 61083
  • External dimensions: 11.5 x 5.5 x 17.8 inches
  • Weight: 2.5 pounds
  • Laptop pocket dimensions: 27.5 cm x 42.5 cm x 2.5 cm (fits up to 17 inch laptops)
  • Warranty: For the five years after purchasing, the owner gets a Limited Warranty with the first year worry free.


The Hitches

The Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack is indeed on of the best. However, let us note down some of its cons as well in comparison to other backpacks. Based on research and my personal observation, a downside of the Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack is that it only has three color options: Masonry Gray, Black Camo and Navy. Although Gray is a versatile color, having a solid black version would have been good for those professionals who go for black items.

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The Good Stuff

  • Laptop Compartment – The laptop section can fit up to 17 inch laptops and is located on a separate pocket for easy and quick access. The laptop compartment is fully padded to make sure that your device receives full protection and security.
  • Tablet Compartment – Not all business backpacks has a separate tablet slot. Good thing is that the Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack has a dedicated pocket just for it. It is located in the main compartment. Now, your tablet has its own spot to make sure it is safe during travel
  • Large, Efficient Compartments  – The main compartment is spacious. It has room for your electronics and their accessories as well as your basic travel necessities. The Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack can double as an overnight bag and it is an ideal carry-on luggage during travel.
  • Checkpoint Ready System – The Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack made sure that air travel is not tedious and stressful. It has a checkpoint ready system so that going through airline checks is fast and easy.
  • Strap for your Trolley – The Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack has an add-a-bag-sleeve to make travel convenient.
  • Comfortable Strap System – The Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack has a padded back panel and shoulder straps that are adjustable. You also have a leather top handle for better handling.
  • Convenient Pocket system – Aside from the laptop, tablet and main pocket, the Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack has more organization to offer. In its interior, it contains a phone slot, open pocket, card pockets, pen loop, zip pocket, and key leash. On its exterior, it has a u-zip pocket, side zip pockets, and a back pocket.

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Tumi Dalston Alvington Backpack