Targus CityGear Chicago Backpack Case for 16-Inch Notebooks (TCG650)

“Looking for a backpack that has it all? The Targus CityGear Chicago Backpack Case for 16-Inch Notebooks (TCG650) has it all and more!” – BBB Team


The Targus CityGear Chicago Backpack Case for 16-Inch Notebooks (TCG650)

Targus CityGear Chicago Backpack is made to meet all your travel demands. It is the ideal backpack ready for all the adventures you are yet to undertake. This backpack is an exclusive ergonomic business backpack that features functionality and convenience at its best.

The CityGear Chicago Backpack is made to cater to all of your needs. Its durability and well-thought of pocket system will make your travels hassle-free. You will be sure that all your personal as well as business items have their own secure spot.

Security for all your belongings is its primary goal. It is your partner to success. This backpack is definitely one of the top business backpack you can get today. We have classified the CityGear Chicago Backpack under our LAETE℠  A  Category  – Active backpacks.


Quick Overview

The Targus CityGear Chicago Backpack Case for 16-Inch Notebooks (TCG650) is made specifically for the on-the-go professional or businessman.

No matter where you go, you will be sure that the CityGear Chicago Backpack can transport all your things safely and make your travel the most comfortable yet. Who wouldn’t want to travel with such a reliable and functional companion?

Style-wise, the Targus CityGear Chicago Backpack sports a functional build. The exterior boasts of the bag’s capacity and organization system. With this business backpack, you will be confident that all your items are safe and secure while you are on the go.

When it comes to comfort during travel, the contoured, cushioned, ergonomic shoulder straps and padded back panel assures the most comfortable travel. You would never need to think about carrying a huge load on your back. This backpack supports any kind of load. Wherever you are headed, the Targus CityGear Chicago Backpack has your back, always.

Functionality and convenience is the strength of the Targus CityGear Chicago Backpack. Compared to most business backpack, the CityGear Backpack is ready for work and play.

With the pocket system that Targus installed, your travel experience will surely be one of the best yet. First of all, the Targus CityGear Chicago Backpack Case for 16-Inch Notebooks (TCG650) knows how important technology plays in today’s world. With this, the backpack prioritizes your electronics.

This backpack has a place to hold all of your gadgets. It has laptop section that can hold up to 16 inch laptops as well as a special scratch-free section for your tablet/ iPad/ Kindle. Apart from the device storage, the backpack has a large storage capacity for your personal needs, travel items as well as business paraphernalia.

There’s a designated area for all your small items and keep them organized. The backpack also has a scratch-free protective compartment where you can safely store your sunglasses. On the side is a beverage/ umbrella pockets and on the other, a small zipped pocket.

There’s even a detachable mobile phone pouch! With the Targus CityGear Chicago Backpack Case for 16-Inch Notebooks (TCG650), you will enjoy all these and more!


Backpack Producer Technical Specifications
  • Model number: TCG650
  • External dimensions: 19.9 x 12.8 x 1.2 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Laptop pocket dimensions: can fit up to 16 inch screens
  • Warranty: Limited Lifetime Warranty


The Hitches

The Targus CityGear Chicago Backpack Case for 16-Inch Notebooks (TCG650) is one of the top business backpacks you can buy today. However, there are certain areas of improvement that could be done.

It would be a great advantage if the backpack had a built in trolley sleeve. This way, it would be easier to just stack the backpack on your trolley during longer travels when you are bringing more stuff. It’s size and build is also an important consideration.


The Good Stuff

  • Large, Efficient Compartments – When it comes to storage, the CityGear Chicago Backpack is a few steps ahead in the game. It has an unbelievable capacity that will leave you wondering. The main compartment can store files, paperwork, documents, books as well as a light jacket or some large sized business paraphernalia. There is another pocket in front of the main compartment that has ample space for any other items or gear you want to pack in.
  • Laptop Compartment – This backpack has a separate laptop compartment that can accommodate laptops up to 16 inches of screen size. It is fully padded and easily accessible.
  • Tablet Compartment – The Targus CityGear Chicago Backpack, unlike other business backpacks, has a dedicated scratch-free pocket for yout table/ iPad/ Kindle.
  • Checkpoint Ready System – The laptop pocket is placed in a separate area which makes the laptop very easy and convenient to access especially during airline checks.
  • Comfortable Strap System – Carrying a huge and heavy load on your back especially during extended periods of time can be uncomfortable and cause strain on your back and shoulders. To lessen the strain, the Targus CityGear Chicago Backpack has cushioned, contoured ergonomic backpack straps as well as a padded back panel. For easy maneuverability, the backpack has a top rubberized grab handle.
  • Convenient Pocket System – The Targus CityGear Chicago Backpack Case for 16-Inch Notebooks (TCG650) is the leader in storage. Targus installed a very functional and versatile pocket system to make your travels easy and stress-free. On the rear end of the bag is the laptop compartment. Next to this is the spacious main pocket where you can store most of your items. For documents/ paperwork, the main pocket has a divider to make sure your files are safe and secure. Then, there is another pocket in front where you can pack your gear or device’s accessories. In front of this compartment is a cool section where you can insert your jacket especially during winter. For your smaller items, the backpack has an organization panel and quick access pockets. On one side is a beverage pocket and on the other is a small zipper pocket.
Targus CityGear Chicago Backpack