Solo Executive Backpack

If you need quality, comfort and professional style at a good price, the Executive backpack from Solo is your ideal backpack. – BBB Team


The Solo Executive Backpack

The gravity of superb design combined with great mobility in a backpack; the Executive pack from Solo truly bring out professionalism in both style and functionality in one pack. Truly one of the best business backpacks in today’s market; the Solo Executive Backpack is your ideal business backpack be it for everyday commute, as a carry-on, or for short overnight business trips.

The versatility of the use and design of the Solo Executive Backpack is one that is widely commended around the globe. It is able to fit even huge sized laptop up to 17.3 inches without compensating comfort.

Its sleek black design with subtle red accents complete the whole look for it to somehow fit in any situation whether you are indoors or outdoors. What a combination! All these functionalities in one affordable backpack! We have classified the Solo Executive Backpack under our LAETE℠  E  Category  – Executive backpacks.


Quick Review

From my personal experience, it is quite difficult to search for a pack that is functional, has great style and is affordable at the same time. Usually, looking for all these qualities in one bag required you to pay a huge amount. However, Solo has created the perfect pack with all these qualities and more. The Solo Executive Backpack is designed for the practical businessman and professional on the go.

When it comes to design, the Solo Executive Backpack sports a simple black color with subtle red accents. This modest and unassuming design is perfect for blending in. Whether you are on your way to the office, in a business meeting, or on a business trip; the Solo Executive pack is your reliable partner anywhere you go.

Aside from style and design, the Solo Executive Backpack is created to provide ease and convenience. It is made to make your life easy and stress-free. The Solo Executive pack is able to store most if not all of your basic needs both for work and your personal travel and everyday necessities. It is one of the few backpacks that can accommodate up to 17.3 inch laptops and still have space for your other items. It is designed to meet the needs of every professional. It has several organizer pockets for your smaller business paraphernalia and quick access slots especially for your boarding passes, identification cards, keys and pens for easy retrieval. What’s more is that it has a dedicated compartment just for your tablet as well as a section where you can store your documents and files securely. The side easy-access pockets are perfect for your basic needs that you need access to while on the road such as tissues, reading glasses etc.

When a bag is able to contain a lot of items, it is important that the user is able to carry it comfortably. The Solo Executive Backpack is equipped with fully padded backpack straps and back panel for a comfortable carrying experience. You also have a padded top carry handle for easy maneuverability. As a carry-on, the Solo Executive Backpack can be slipped onto your trolley for a consolidated travel. It is indeed one of the best business backpacks currently in the market!


Backpack Producer Technical Specifications
  • Model number: EXE700-4U2
  • External dimensions:  20 in x 7 in x 14 in
  • Weight: 2.4 pounds
  • Laptop pocket dimensions:  16 in x 11.75 in x 1.8 in; this cushioned pocket fit laptops up to 17.3 inches
  • Warranty: 5 year limited warranty


The Hitches

Although the Solo Executive Backpack is perfect as it is, there’s always room for improvement. One thing that I think would have been better is to have a completely separate laptop compartment so that air travel will be made easier. However, the Solo Executive Backpack has a special pocket for your laptop in the main compartment, so for me, it still works. I can just open the main compartment and take it out. It does not affect my other items.

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The Good Stuff
  • Laptop Compartment – One of the bases for choosing a business backpack is whether it would accommodate your laptop. The Solo Executive Backpack can fit up to 17.3 inch laptops! With the Solo Executive Backpack, you will be sure that even your monster-sized laptops are safe and secure. It is completely padded to provide maximum protection for your most important device.
  • Tablet Compartment – Businessmen and professionals in the modern world we live in are steadily moving forward especially when it comes to the latest technology. Aside from mobile devices and laptops, the tablet now comes third in line. Not just businessmen and professionals, even students recognize the importance of having a tablet. With this modernization, all industries including the luggage industry are slowly but surely adapting. The Solo Executive Backpack is one of the packs designed for the modern on-the-go businessman. Aside from its laptop compartment, it has a dedicated slot just for your tablet. You are ensured that your tablet receives the same amount of security and protection that your laptop is getting.
  • Large, Efficient Compartments – One of the major strengths that the Solo Executive Backpack has over other business backpacks is its size. The mere fact that it can accommodate up to 17.3 inch laptops is proof enough of its carrying capacity. It has a roomy main compartment that can house your basic travel needs for an overnight business trip as well as your bigger business paraphernalia.
  • Strap for your Trolley – Since the Solo Executive Backpack can load up a lot, it is perfect as a carry-on luggage. However, it might be too much if you will still be lugging around your big trolley. Solo has found a way to make your travel easier. The Solo Executive Backpack has a Rear Ride Along strap wherein you can slip it onto your trolley to have a consolidated travel and increased mobility.
  • Comfortable Strap System – The Solo Executive pack is one backpack that can carry a lot. With this, Solo has equipped it with cushioned shoulder straps and back panel to make sure that your carrying experience is comfortable. You also have a padded top carry handle if need be for easy maneuverability.
  • Convenient Pockets – The great thing about the Solo Executive Backpack is that it is packed with a multitude of compartments. Not just that, all the compartments are placed in a way that is easy and convenient. Its superb organizational capability features an easy access slot for your identification card, tickets, keys and pens. You have a zippered organizer slot up front for your device’s accessories. Your files will be well-protected with its separate file section and an added back pocket for additional storage. Lastly, you have two additional side pockets also for quick access where you can store your reading glasses, tissue etc. Here is a quick rundown of the

Solo Executive pack’s pocket system:

> easy access compartment;

> file section;

> zippered organizer slot;

> front pocket;

> back pocket;

> two side compartments.

Availability and pricing:

Solo Executive Backpack