Ivar Core 10 Backpack

If you seek to travel in pure comfort, convenience and easy accessibility, you might be looking for the Ivar Core 10 backpack. – BBB Team


The Ivar Core 10 Backpack

The Core 10 Backpack by Ivar is possibly one of the very few that is concerned with your well-being. How so? The backpack makes sure that above all, comfort, stability and convenience are top priority. Specifically, the Core 10 Backpack is inspired from a messenger bag design. It is a perfect choice if you are looking for a more comfortable and more spacious alternative. The Ivar Core 10 Backpack is made from superior material, sturdy zippers, combined with excellent workmanship. With the Ivar Core 10 Backpack, you will be sure that your basic needs are safe, secure and protected.

The pack is spacious and is furnished with Ivar’s signature shelving system. This unique compartment system from Ivar is what makes the brands a step ahead in terms of comfort, load stability, organization and accessibility. This patented pocket system and design provides ultra-comfort for the modern-day businessman and professional. Complete with an edgy contemporary exterior appearance, the Core 10 Backpack is your ideal companion. Definitely one of the best business backpacks! We have classified the Ivar Core 10 Backpack under our LAETE℠  A  Category  – Active backpacks.


Quick Review

The Ivar Core 10 Backpack is not your ordinary everyday backpack. It was designed and created carefully with your needs in mind. It is prepared for anything. The Core 10 Backpack, with its patented shelf system, is able provide top notch business organization, perfect weight/ load distribution and ultra-comfort. Inspired from a normal messenger bag, the Core 10 Backpack is a great alternative which allows more capacity, and is ultimately more comfortable!

The Ivar Core 10 Backpack is made from strong and tough materials enough to withstand most factors of travel wear and tear. It is equipped with fully padded shoulder straps with chest straps to increase load stability. Its cushioned back panel also makes sure that you travel in complete comfort. Let’s not forget its useful top carry handle for easy maneuverability.

Aside from its shoulder straps and back panel design, the main influence that makes the Ivar Core 10 Backpack so comfortable is its shelf system. I haven’t seen a compartment system as ingenious as the one Ivar has designed. Imagine a filing system that not only organizes your items and needs; but one that takes care of your back. Most backpacks disregard the health of your back. Most of the load lies on your lower back area. This is terrible and unhealthy. With the Ivar pocket shelving system, you can be sure that your load is equally distributed so that your back can support your load better.


Backpack Producer Technical Specifications
  • Model number: C10BLK
  • External dimensions: 20 H x 13.5 W x 8 D
  • Weight: 2.2 Lbs
  • Laptop pocket dimensions: Carries up to a 17 inch laptop safely.
  • Warranty: Product Life Guarantee


The Hitches

Before delving into greater detail about the advantages of getting the Ivar Core 10 Backpack, let us also check some hitches. I could point out three major hitches. First is that due to its unique shelf system, it is not checkpoint ready. This means that you have to open the main compartment to get to your laptop in order to retrieve it. However, since the shelving system makes it accessible for you to get items in your pack, this won’t be too much of a problem. Another thing is that it lacks a specific area just for your tablet. Lastly, it does not have a strap for your trolley for more mobility. You cannot stack your bags for a consolidated travel.

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The Good Stuff
  • Laptop Compartment – The Ivar Core 10 Backpack’s laptop compartment can accommodate up to 17 inch laptops.
  • Large, Efficient Compartments – The Core 10 Backpack has a spacious main compartment that can accommodate all your basic needs.
  • Comfortable Strap System – The Ivar Core 10 Backpack is equipped with a padded back panel and cushioned shoulder straps. You also have a top grab handle foe easy handling. But the secret to the Core 10 Backpack’s ultra-comfortable carrying experience is its unique pocket system. It basically makes sure that all the weight in your backpack is distributed evenly. This way, your back can better support the load you have in the pack.
  • Convenient Pocket System – Aside from comfort, the Ivar Core 10 Backpack’s pocket system is convenient and accessible. Here are the different slots:

> Roomy main pocket;

> Top zipped pocket;

> Front organizer pocket for your smaller business essentials like your pens, keys, business cards etc.

> 2 deep pockets;

> Zipped lower pocket.

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Ivar Core 10 Backpack