Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly Backpack fits up to 18.4 Laptop

Ever wonder if there’s a backpack that could be the perfect pack for your gadgets and equipment? One that would not only meet your needs but most importantly, the needs of your devices? That is Everki’s Titan Checkpoint Ready Laptop Business Backpack. – BBB Team


The Titan Backpack

The Titan backpack by Everki is the perfect backpack that could fit anything and everything that you need on your travels. You don’t need to search for anything else; whatever you need, the Titan backpack can deliver. I consider it among the best business backpacks currently in the market.

Among the list of bags under the Everki brand, the Titan pack is a cut above the rest. The Everki Titan is considered to be the largest among many laptop bags sold across the globe. That’s not all. It is equipped with numerous matchless features that make it such a unique laptop backpack.

Everki made sure that the Titan backpack is made with its signature top quality materials and workmanship. The Titan’s priority is to provide 100% security and protection for your gadgets and equipment and at the same time maintain a professional appearance.

What’s more is that the Titan is armed with a multitude of compartments to guarantee that it can meet the expectations of even the most systematic and orderly businessman and professional. We have classified the Everki Titan Backpack under our LAETE℠  A  Category  – Active backpacks.


Quick Overview

At first glance, you will really take note of the biggest advantage that the Everki Titan backpack has compared to other backpacks: its size. Did you know that the Everki Titan can contain laptops as big as 18.4 inches? If you have a huge laptop, this pack is definitely for you. Not only can it fit your laptop, it makes sure that it provides complete protection and topnotch security.

Titan’s laptop pocket is smoothly felt lined that can be opened to a complete 180 degrees. What for? This is very useful especially for frequent travelers. It makes your airport security check fast and convenient. You won’t have to take out your device! But if need be, the laptop compartment is located in a very reachable area that allows you easy access. Security, protection and accessibility do not only include your laptop, it provides it for all your devices as well as your other personal necessities.

Aside from the laptop pocket, Everki’s Titan backpack has a roomy main compartment. This compartment is divided to contain pockets as well as a partition to secure your important paperwork. Apart from that, the Everki Titan also has a protected pocket to store your tablet/ Kindle or iPad. Plus, it has dedicated slots for your business cards, headset, writing equipment, and other necessities.

Since the Everki Titan has included a water resistant weather shield (to protect the backpack from unforeseen conditions like rain, snow and dust), it also has a compartment for it. Another unique feature of the Everki Titan backpack is its mobile/ media player pocket. This secret pocket is a made into the exterior that carefully blends with the pack’s smooth design.

This pocket was made by Everki with your need in mind. With this innovation, it will help keep your gadgets secure and within reach.

If it happens that you will have to fill up the entire backpack, worry not! The Everki Titan backpack can support your load completely. Also, it makes sure that you are comfortable while using it. The Titan Airport Ready Laptop Backpack maintains a comfortable fit on your shoulders down to your back. Everki Titan is padded and has air networks for good circulations.

In terms of balance, Everki’s signature 5-Point Stability Strap System maintains optimum stability combined with a flexible chest clasp.

When you think that’s all, the Titan comes with Everki’s Limited Lifetime Warranty and first-class customer service. Whew! No wonder the Titan laptop backpack gets all these good reviews. It deserves all the credit and more. If your needs fit the description of the Titan pack, it should very well be on your list as one of the best business backpacks!


Backpack producer technical specifications:
  • Model number: EKP120
  • External dimensions: 38 x 21 x 54 cm
  • Weight: 4.42 lbs
  • Laptop pocket dimensions: 33 x 5 x 52 cm (special felt-lined padded laptop compartment can store up to 18.4 inch laptops)
  • Warranty: Lifetime warranty (Limited only on manufacturing defects excluding wear and tear)
  • Additional accessories: Water-resistant weather shield; additional accessories pouch


The Hitches

Let me mention some disadvantages before dwelling on the good stuff. From my analysis, I could only state very few. First is its size. There are some consumers who prefer a smaller pack for everyday travel. If this is the case, this backpack might not be your ideal pack. But if you have an 18.4 inch laptop, purchasing a small laptop pack is not an option.

Next are color options. Apparently, black is the only option you have. The Everki Titan backpack also doesn’t have a pass-through strap where you could stack it securely on your trolley unlike other models.

Lastly is its limited warranty. Meaning, the normal wear and tear process is excluded from the warranty.

Other customer opinions, positive/critical:


The Good Stuff
  • Large Checkpoint Ready Laptop compartment – Currently, the safety security checks of passengers especially on aircrafts are getting more severe. More and more rules are added. But who can blame them? All we can do is adjust and try to find ways to lessen the burden. The invention of checkpoint ready and friendly bags is one of the brilliant innovations to make security checks are made convenient. With the Everki Titan checkpoint ready laptop pack, you do not need to go through all the hassle fishing out your laptop and taking it out. All you need to do is fully expose and open the laptop pocket up to 180 degrees. If you are asked to take it out, you can do so easily since the laptop compartment is accessible. With the Everki Titan backpack, you do not need to affect the other contents of your pack that you carefully arranged. What a blessing! Security checks can now be fast and hassle-free.
  • Tablet compartment – Tablets are now becoming a necessity for professionals and businessmen alike. Just like laptops and mobile phones, tablets now have their own unique use. With the Everki Titan, rest assured your tablets have their own special compartment. The pocket is made from the same material as your laptop compartment. You can definitely make sure that your tablet receives the same security, protection and accessibility as your laptop.
  • Large efficient compartments – The Titan is one of the largest packs in the Everki line of backpacks. Aside from the laptop compartment that can contain up to 18.4 inch laptops, it has a spacious main compartment. The main section houses the tablet pocket, large pockets for necessities and a partition to safely place your paperwork. Beside the main section is a smaller compartment that has pockets of different sizes and also transparent pockets for superior organization.
  • Convenient pockets for quick access – The Everki Titan backpack has several secret pockets that are designed with your needs in mind. There is a dedicated pocket for your everyday necessities and even has a pocket where you can place and easily reach your water bottle. The front quick stash compartment is perfect for your smaller items that you will need to have easy and quick access such as some mints, plane ticket and phone. It is elastic and has a strap system to make sure that it is secure. At shoulder level, Titan has a secret pocket that can conveniently store your mobile phone and music player complete with a cable outlet. No more tangles and it prevents rains and dust from getting inside! All the slots of the Everki Titan have top-quality zippers that make sure that all your belongings are protected.
  • 5-Point Stability Strap System  For those who are new to this innovation, it is basically a system that allows you to carry a lot of weight without adding to it. The system carefully distributes the load therefore reducing your muscle strain. It balances the weight evenly enabling you to carry more on your back. Similarly with other packs, the Atlas has two straps that you can adjust. For maximum comfort, Everki added two slide clasps on shoulder level and another one on chest level that is height-adjustable.

Aside from this, Everki Titan knows that carrying a huge load on your back can wear you out easily. Everki has thought of that. That is why its shoulder straps and back panel is made and designed uniquely to allow you to carry your pack longer.

Aside from its padding, it has an air network system that allows good circulation.


Additional Accessory:

Water Resistant Weather Shield – You can never really be too ready especially when it comes to natural elements. To combat this, Titan has a weather protection shield to make sure that your bags and its contents are protected. The shield can be easily slipped over the bag and protect it against snow, rain, accidental spilling and also dust.

Availability and pricing:

Everki Titan Checkpoint Friendly Backpack