Briggs and Riley Clamshell Backpack

Almost all of us need a pack that we can completely depend on and trust in any situation be it on unexpected trips or as an everyday bag. The Briggs and Riley Clamshell Backpack might just be what you need. Always ready and on-the-go with its classic and polished professional appearance; that is the Work Luggage Clamshell backpack.– BBB Team


The Work Luggage Clamshell Backpack

As an on-the-go professional or businessman, the ideal carry-on for your travels should be one that is both useful and has a classic professional look. Picking the right pack isn’t such a smooth task. Being one myself, one of the top choices for my list of best business backpacks is definitely the Clamshell Backpack Backpack by Briggs & Riley. This backpack is your best friend when it comes to business trips or as an everyday work pack.

The Briggs and Riley Clamshell Backpack protects and secures your devices and necessities while maintaining convenience and classic style. We have classified the Work Luggage Clamshell backpack from Briggs & Riley, under our LAETE℠  T  Category  – Travel backpacks.


Quick Overview

The Work Luggage Clamshell pack from Briggs and Riley offers travelers superior convenience and comfort without sacrificing protection and security for your devices and personal belongings during travel.

This pack is designed to mimic a clamshell so that it will be easier for you to navigate, store and sort your travel needs. It is able to provide top quality protection since the pack is made from ballistic nylon that virtually renders your backpack resistant from the usual factors of travel (wear and abrasion) as well as natural forces (water and dirt).

What’s so cool about this pack is that the laptop pocket is separated from the rest of the stuff inside the bag and is secured by the clamshell zipper. This feature definitely makes traveling convenient! If you want to make sure that your pack has the ability to make organization easy, this could be the bag for you. Aside from the separate laptop slot, there are several useful compartments with your needs in mind. You have a dedicated compartment where you can store your paperwork to ensure that it will be kept safe and wrinkle-free. Also, there are several slots for your smaller devices or accessories such as power cords, pens, mobile phone, media player, business cards and keys. Since pretty much everything has their place, let’s not forget your tablet. Your tablet also has its very own pocket to make sure it is safe and secure.

It sounds so perfect doesn’t it? This is the reason why the Work Luggage Clamshell backpack from Briggs & Riley is included in my roster of best business backpacks. It is the ideal bag for everyday commute going to work. Not just that, it is also the perfect carry-on for those occasional business trips.


Backpack Producer Technical Specifications
  • Model number: KP375C-4
  • External dimensions: 45.2 x 34.3 x 20.3 cm; 3.4 pounds
  • Laptop pocket dimensions:  43.2 x 30.5 x 5.1 cm (fits up to 17 inch laptops)
  • Capacity: 27.5 liters
  • Warranty: “Simple as That” Lifetime Warranty


The Hitches

Let’s talk about some negatives before discussing the great stuff the Briggs and Riley Clamshell Backpack. But I can only think of one: color. Color seems to be such a limited option when it comes to business/ professional backpacks. It seems that most bags only have one color option: black. But I’m not complaining. I think black is such a versatile color. It’s practical too! However, others might think differently.

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The Good Stuff
  • Laptop compartment – One of the most important considerations when selecting a pack for work or as a carry-on for your travels is its laptop compartment. The Briggs and Riley Clamshell Backpack has a separate compartment for your laptop. This laptop slot can accommodate up to those measuring 17 inches. Aside from storage, you can be sure that your laptop will be provided with 100% protection and security.
  • Tablet compartment – These days, a must-have gadget for any businessman or professional is a tablet. The Briggs and Riley Clamshell Backpack has a tablet slot where you can safely tuck your tablet. It is padded and fleece-lined to make sure it is safe and secure.
  • Large, Efficient Compartments – The Briggs and Riley Clamshell Backpack’s main storage slot can hold your bulky essentials such as clothing and shoes. There is an elastic divider where you can store your documents and paperwork (can fit legal and letter sized files). An additional compartment at the rear side can hold another laptop or perhaps some documents.
  • Checkpoint Ready system – This backpack is your best companion when it comes to security checkpoints. The clamshell design of the Work Luggage Clamshell pack has the perfect style to breeze through security checks. You can just open up the compartment and lay it flat. Briggs & Riley calls this the Speedthru technology. This is the perfect companion since it was designed to be checkpoint ready. What a great convenience!
  • Strap for your Trolley – Carrying your load on your back can wear you out. Briggs & Riley innovated a way for you to handle your load particularly during flights. The Work Luggage Clamshell backpack is equipped with the slip-through system by Briggs and Riley to enable you to stack it on top of your trolley. This way, you will be able to make your luggage more mobile.
  • Comfortable Strap System – When it comes to comfort, the Briggs and Riley Clamshell Backpack makes sure that your comfort is top priority. The strap system on the backpack is comfortably padded and is ventilated to make sure that air is circulating. Also, the pack has a leather handle for a sturdy yet easy grip.
  • Convenient Pockets  The Work Luggage Clamshell pack is designed with organization in mind. Your keys and wallet can be placed in its mesh pocket for superior convenience. There is a side pocket to provide easy accessibility and another one for your water bottle.
  • “Simple As That” Warranty – The guarantee that comes along with this pack is one that you could depend on 100%. What does this warranty mean? The “Simple As That” Warranty means that if ever your backpack will be damaged (even those caused by airline handling), Briggs & Riley will fix it for free! That’s how simple it is! If you want to understand more about their warranty, you can learn more from their website.

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Briggs and Riley Clamshell Backpack