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Travelpro Luggage - LogoI consider myself lucky to have been born at this time wherein just about anything and everything is made easy and convenient. This includes traveling. Traveling can now be made stress free and hassle free thanks to new technology and modern innovations…and of course, modern superior class luggage and travel gear. The downside is there might be too many options. The question is: What is the best option?


About Travelpro

One the premier luggage companies as of today is Travelpro. For a period of twenty five years, Travelpro International has established itself based on the principle of superior durability and design innovation for travelers around the globe. In fact Travelpro is the first choice for flight crews as well as frequent travelers worldwide.

Travelpro is committed to creating a strong relationship with all its consumers that would last a lifetime. It is dedicated to consistently understand its consumers and satisfy their ever evolving needs.


The story behind the pro

Travelpro’s history started in 1987. The inventor was a Northwest Airline 747 pilot who created the original Rollaboard wheeled luggage. This innovation dramatically paved the way in the transformation of modern day travel. So who is this pilot / inventor? He is the famous Robert Plath.

According to the story, Robert was no ordinary inventor. His invention, the Rollaboard, was invented by need not by trade. Robert was tired of lugging his bags all the time. So in 1988, he realized that he needed one thing the most as a pilot: a carry-on luggage with wheels. He thought that with this kind of bag, his life and work would become easier and more convenient. However at that time, none existed.

What was common and used by travelers was carrying their bags over their shoulders. Another option would be putting them on metal carts. With this need, he devised a bag and added wheels to it plus an extendable handle. He called it the “Rollaboard.” The unsuspecting pilot was astounded that his Rollaboard took off like it did. As of today, thanks to his ingenious invention, he is now enjoying life as a multimillionaire.

Never looking back, he retired as a pilot to pursue and endorse his Rollaboard luggage. He partnered with Travelpro to manufacture his invention. Today, Travelpro continues to spread Robert’s legacy.

Interestingly, did you know who Travelpro’s first consumers were? None other than the most frequent fliers such as flight attendants and pilots. They saw the need for ease and convenience and immediately bought a Rollaboard from Travelpro. Even up to this day, Travelpro sells the basic Rollaboards in the market.


Trust Travelpro

Travelpro prides itself on the superb and reliable quality of all its products. Since it started, it has continued to create and produce luggage that you can rely on. Aside from durability, the company makes sure that all your belongings are secured and protected. Plus, Travelpro puts his shoes in the shoes of its consumers.

It gives importance to comfort, ease, convenience and versatility. Style is also an important factor when it comes to Travelpro luggage. Impressed? Well this is not to impress travel consumers; Travelpro was founded to address the diverse needs of all the travelers.

Up until today, Travelpro continues to evolve in order to satisfy the consumers.


Digging Deeper

As my interest grew, my research became more extensive. I am truly fascinated with Travelpro, not just the products that it sells, but the story behind it and the articles that talk about the brand’s workmanship. In one of the articles I read, I learned that Travelpro practices intense quality assurance testing in order to ensure that all its products are top quality.

Each product goes through rigorous tests to reach the Travelpro standard. All the materials including zippers, fabrics, wheels and handles undergo laboratory tests. Travelpro believes that its testing process should be somewhat a duplicate to the true to life hazards that luggage and travel gear face everywhere in the world.

Another article that caught my attention was one posted recently on Travelpro’s website. It’s about how Travelpro Luggage improved luggage stability; a new innovation that I’m sure all travelers can relate to and recognize. Travelpro thinks outside the box.

The company does not only implement style and design changes, it gives importance to several factors that some might take for granted. The MagnaTrac Spinner wheels that Travelpro recently innovated will surely change the traveler’s perspective on stability. This just goes to show how Travelpro is continuously working hard to create a stress-free and leisurely travel experience.


Back to Backpacks

When it comes to backpack, Travelpro makes sure that you have the pack that you need. If you need a pack that it convenient for checking at the airport, they have the Checkpoint Friendly Computer Backpack.

If you need an everyday business backpack, you can choose among its business pack collection for the perfect one that would fit your lifestyle and wardrobe. Even a pack for a busy day, Travelpro has a collection of Day packs you can select from. If you recognize the importance of outstanding functionality, superior durability and stylish innovation, Travelpro might have the pack for you.

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