Tortuga Backpacks Logo It all starts with traveling. The world of luggage has evolved so much in the past decade. Gradual as well as extreme changes were made. All these boil down to traveling. The luggage industry has carefully changed and adapted in order to make traveling easy, convenient and stress-free. Although there are other factors that contribute to its development, these three are the main influences that shaped and molded the present-day luggage industry.


You and your Luggage

What is the first thing you consider when you travel? Well, aside from your travel documents, itinerary and money, the next thing to carefully deliberate is your luggage. Your bag is your partner during travel. It is the item that makes sure all your travel needs, personal items and whatnot are secure and protected.

With this in mind, it just follows how you should be wise in your luggage selection. Not only does it have to be durable and functional, it has to fit your personality and needs most of all.


Tortuga Backpacks: How it all started

They say that experience is the best teacher. In the case of Tortuga Backpacks, it is indeed. It was back in 2009 that the founders of Tortuga Backpacks, Fred and Jeremy, went on a backpacking trip around Europe (specifically eastern Europe from Germany to Croatia). Fred and Jeremy at that time were in their early twenties. They were short in cash so a lot of time was spent to save up for the entire trip and to look for cheap deals for their entire travel. They carefully planned for their Euro trip from budgeting to their itineraries in each destination.

When everything was settled, the next obstacle they had to overcome was finding the right luggage. Both guys knew right away that they wanted to use backpacks. I mean, it wouldn’t be a backpacking trip without a backpack right? The problem was; which backpack is best to use?

Both understood the significance finding the right backpack would make for their trip. They did a lot of research online, asking feedback from friends, as well as scouting at bag shops. But they couldn’t find a bag that they absolutely deemed perfect. Fred and Jeremy ended up with different bags. Both bags were a disaster. Luckily, the guys had a blast on their travel despite the backpacks being a huge catastrophe.

Thanks to their trip, they learned a lot. They converted their experience into a great opportunity to create a useful product not just for their own use but for other travelers too. This is the start of Tortuga Backpacks.


Tortuga Backpacks

Tortuga Backpacks was born because of travel. The company came to existence to create a backpack that is able to fully satisfy every traveler’s needs in all aspects. The company founders experienced firsthand how difficult it is to find the most ideal backpack for their travel. They did extensive research. They gave it their best shot. But in the end, they concluded that the perfect travel backpack did not exist. What then? They decided to make one on their own. Then Tortuga Backpacks was created.

The flagship product of the company is the Tortuga Travel Backpack. It was designed and intended for urban travelers who seek to make travel convenient and fun. The backpack is perfect as a carry-on, comfortable to use and has a great pocket system. For people who opt to travel light, Tortuga Backpacks made Tortuga Air.

The founders of the company proudly and exclusively travel with their creations. They aspire for more people to do too. Why? Tortuga Backpacks exists in order to make travel easy and enjoyable. These core principles direct the company to do what they do best. Because of their own experiences in travel, they were able to realize how vital our luggage portrays in creating or converting our travel into the best travel experience of our lives. This is what Tortuga Backpacks stand for.


Tortuga Backpacks gives back

Aside from creating such a great travel packs, Tortuga Backpacks knows how great an opportunity it is to travel the world and experience other cultures. The company understands how costly it could be.

With this, choosing Tortuga means supporting their cause in helping the youth to live and travel in another country. If you buy a bag from Tortuga, you aren’t just getting a great travel companion; you are giving somebody a chance to travel.

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