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Targus Luggage - Logo At present, travel is a critical aspect of our day to day lives. Each person whether one is a student, professional, businessman, employee, or even those who already retired from work, travel. Despite race, color, religion, gender, economic status, travel in general remains the same. In short, everyone travels. Maybe the means of travelling differ, but traveling is traveling. Be it short or long distance, convenience is a prime factor during travel. This is the ultimate goal of luggage industries.

Up until present, these companies continue to provide quality functional and practical bags to make travel life convenient and stress-free. One of these companies advocated to achieving this goal is Targus.


Targus: Introduction

Modern travelling has continued to evolve. One of the most notable changes is how technology plays an important role. Not just related to travel; electronics and technology is a vital part of the modern world. With this in mind, it is therefore imperative that luggage should be able to cater to every aspect including technology.

Targus is your reliable companion in providing you the best that the modern travel luggage industry has to offer. When it comes to travel, your needs come first. Targus prioritizes you. The company grows and develops based on what you need.

With Targus as a travel companion, travel life will never be the same.



Tagus is a luggage company that stands firm on its mission: to be able to influence innovative advertising and worldwide distribution in order to provide solutions that will transform and make mobile technology more productive, easier and stress-free.

Targus Group International, Inc. was the founder of cases specialized in carrying laptops. The company partnered and united with the corporations and retailer in order to deliver the best protection and security for your devices particularly laptops. As of present, Targus carries on its mission to define modern travel.

The company continues to define how technology and travel luggage should work together to make travel more mobile, enhance connectivity, added protection, and improve personal style. Targus aims to design travel luggage that will give you confidence, comfort and convenience.


Tagus Backpacks

Backpacks represent comfort and convenience. With this in mind, it follows that most customers who prefer backpacks also desire an easy, comfortable and convenient travel. Targus has designed and created backpacks specifically for your needs.

Using a Targus backpack will redefine your travels.


Choose Targus

Choosing Targus means choosing yourself. You are choosing to provide the best to make your travel life easy, convenient and hassle-free. Targus takes care of your personal items, business paraphernalia and electronics during travel so you can focus on the more important things in life. Targus helps you achieve.

Targus helps make you the best version of yourself. With global presence in every continent and circulation in over 145 countries, it is no surprise that Targus is among the top choices in travel luggage. Targus designs for everybody taking in consideration each person’s differences. Targus offers smart solutions for all travelers. Will you choose yourself? Choose Targus.

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