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Solo Luggage - Logo Over the years, a lot of backpack brands have come up during my search for an ideal backpack to use. There are bags with different styles, designs and uses but nevertheless worth considering. Are you also in the same predicament? Many of my relatives, friends and even colleagues ask me for backpack advice. It might sound funny, but they really do. So here I am extending my so called expertise to those outside my circle.

I absolutely consider backpacks as must-haves in our wardrobe. Ever since, I have never pictured life without even one backpack. My first bag as a child was even a backpack! So as an adult picking the perfect backpack, I have a lot of factors to consider. During my search and reading through different testimonials of people, I constantly come across Solo.


Solo: About the brand

Solo is one of the top choices for bag consumers who consider themselves to be serious professionals. Not just any professional, professionals who want to make things happen. Their target consumers are those who need a companion for facing the challenges of life. They create and produce bags that are as diligent and determined as its owners. Solo luggage brand is created and designed to reach success. It thrives on three important factors: superior quality craftsmanship, great design and style, and brilliant functionality. Solo makes sure that all these assets are present in all the bags it creates and produces. With Solo by your side, you are guaranteed to accomplish more.


Customer Testimonials

When choosing a product, do you also read customer reviews? I do. This way, I get first-hand information about their experience with the product. It gives me an overview on what to expect. I was astounded upon reading a lot of good reviews about Solo. There was one particular customer testimonial that caught my attention. It was about a woman with a husband who accidentally drove over his Solo laptop bag (with his laptop inside) while he was backing up his car. After the incident, he saw that the bag looked completely trashed but can you believe that all his gadgets inside survived without a scratch? That is truly amazing! Solo was able to protect his belongings despite the circumstances. With this alone, you are sure to be in good hands.


Solo: Continued support

Solo bags do not just manufacture bags; they continue their support for their consumers even after their purchase. The company is known to have excellent customer service especially with regard to warranty issues. It does not pose any kind of hassle to customers when they call for help. This is exactly why Solo can be your partner for life.


How about backpacks?

Solo creates backpacks with the same style, quality and performance it is known for. It is vital that as a consumer, you must first know what pack you need. Whether it is an everyday backpack for work, a pack to secure and protect your gadgets, or a travel backpack perhaps…Solo can deliver. Solo has conveniently organized its backpacks for easy selection. You can choose by lifestyle, size, feature, material and even price!

Take for example you are looking for a backpack that you can use to the office. You can select the collection under Solo’s Executive line. If you prefer to have a travel pack that is checkpoint friendly, you can choose its Checkpoint Friendly collection. Sounds pretty easy right? Solo has devised this technique so that each consumer will be able to weigh his options clearly.

Solo starts to provide its support from the time you are selecting your pack. With Solo, it is not just a bag, it’s a promise.

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