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Samsonite Luggage - Logo I consider backpacks to be as vital as every travel necessity. Don’t you? Well if you do see its significance, you would agree with me when I say that when you choose backpacks, there are many things to consider. These factors to consider make our search for the perfect backpack a bit difficult. We all want a pack that we can rely on and will fit perfectly with our wardrobe and lifestyle.

Based on my experience, sometimes it helps to start with a brand that matches our personality and needs. After you’ve found the luggage manufacturer for you, looking for the pack among its products might be a breeze.


All about Samsonite

One of the most prestigious brands to date is the very popular Samsonite. Its fame also carries a very extensive experience that dates way back in 1910. Samsonite International is an American international luggage company. It was established by Jesse Schwayder in Denver, Colorado.

The company creates and manufactures a range of travel and luggage products from suitcases, backpacks, briefcases and even toiletry bags! Before it became Samsonite, the company was name Samson. The name Samson was specifically chosen because it represented strength. Samson was derived from the biblical Samson that showed superior strength and power. The name was officially changed to Samsonite in the year 1966.

Through the years, Samsonite experienced several roadblocks on its way to success. However, up until today, the brand remains as strong as ever. It has survived despite several challenges. As of recent, Samsonite remains to be one of the top choices (if not the top choice) for travel luggage and gear. Samsonite has indeed lived up to its name…Strength, not just in its products, but also in its branding.

Currently, the prominent luggage company is listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong and its registered main office is in Luxemburg.


Samsonite Fame Secret: Genius Advertising Promotion

Samsonite introduced its signature hard shell luggage in the first half of the 90s. It captured consumers and travel enthusiasts with catchy slogans like “Strong Enough to Stand On” emphasizing that its products were made for extreme durability and can endure even the toughest travel conditions while protecting your belongings.

Another brilliant ad was way back in the year 1969, “If you traveled the way your luggage does, would you look as good as Samsonite?” The tagline implies how Samsonite luggage is durable and can survive anything.

The more current advertising campaigns from Samsonite does not just feature how its luggage products are durable but how maneuverable and lightweight they are thanks to modern technology and newly advanced and formulated materials. The slogan “Light meets might” is the most recent among its iconic ad campaigns.

According to one of the heads steering Samsonite’s advertising campaign, all its ads consistently focus and emphasize its messaging on Samsonite’s innovation, quality and durability. The advertising team makes sure that it is clear what the consumer will expect if he / she would purchases a Samsonite luggage. One thing is for sure, the Samsonite advertising team lives by their well-known motto: the product is the hero of the advertisement.

Aside from slogans, Samsonite also advertised alongside famous celebrities on screen and in print ad space. A memorable one was in the year 1977. It featured the Pittsburgh Steeler. They were attacking and doing their worst to a football field filled with Samsonite’s hard back luggage. Another one which was shown later in that same year features Marilu Henner in her younger days singing about a Samsonite sale and dancing round and round inside a room full of Samsonite luggage. This commercial stunt gave rise to succeeding television advertisements entitled “Bullfight” and “The Wheel.” These commercials highlight how Samsonite luggage are easily and conveniently maneuverable.

Also, another ad to emphasize Samsonite’s lightweight luggage is one when it showed kites and balloons. What a genius! All of Samsonite’s ads are simple and direct to the point. It never strays from the main star of all its ads, the product.

Since we are mainly discussing about backpacks, Samsonite’s brilliant backpack advertisement showed a spy-themed ad with the slogans “ready for anywhere” and “adapts to any job.” It features how Samsonite backpacks are versatile, stylish and durable even for everyday use.


Samsonite Backpacks: Is it the one for you?

When it comes to backpacks, the century-old luggage brand could be what you need.

Samsonite has perfected design, durability, versatility and quality through time. Even as an expert in the luggage industry, it continues to evolve and advance to satisfy the needs of all its consumers even up to the tiniest detail. But first, you need to think about what you need. You never know, a Samsonite backpack is waiting to serve you.

If you need a backpack that would easily adapt to your lifestyle, a pack that can be versatile whenever you need it, or maybe one that would ensure that your gadgets and other necessities are secure…Samsonite can deliver a backpack depending on your needs. Would you trust the expert?

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