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Kenneth Cole - LogoLooking for a great backpack? I guess there comes a point (or points) in our lives that we really take time to find the perfect pack. Take me for example. There was a time I was looking for a backpack I could take to my trip to Paris.

In the beginning it sounded so easy. A piece of cake! I thought I just needed a pack that is spacious (for my many necessities), secure, durable and stylish. I needed a backpack that would look good on the wardrobe I will be taking and using on my vacation. That sounded pretty reasonable and easy.

I thought I could pick a pack in no time. You can imagine my disappointment when it took so much time to find my ideal backpack for my Paris trip. This dilemma that I experience is so common. I am pretty sure at some point in your life, you experienced that same predicament. I went through this a couple of times, perhaps more than the average person!

As a backpack kind of person, I would say, what I went through helped me become somewhat an expert in backpacks. Anyway, another brand that definitely needs your attention is Kenneth Cole.


Getting to Know Kenneth Cole  

Introducing Kenneth Cole might take longer than usual so before we get started, here is a short primer about Kenneth Cole. Kenneth Cole is a fashion brand that consists of different collections from footwear, clothing, accessories, to bags. It is well known for its fashionable wear to work style and day to night fashion. Its unique style is considered sophisticated as it is iconic with its signature New York flair.

In the year 1982, the fashion guru Kenneth Cole created Kenneth Cole Incorporated, an American fashion house. He wanted to take advantage to preview and display his line of shoes during the Market Week event at the New York Hilton. However, as is with all start-up designers, Kenneth Cole does not have the funds to afford a showroom or hotel room where he could display his creations.

Not giving up, he was able to rent a parking trailer near the hotel in front of an expensive shoe building. But he needed to change the name of his line to Kenneth Cole Productions since there was a rule that trailers were only permitted for utility or production companies shooting full length motion pictures.

Kenneth Cole then applied to film a full length motion picture entitled “The Birth of a Shoe Company.” On December 2, 1982 fronting the 1370 Avenue of the Americas, he opened for business with Kenneth Cole Productions painted on the side of the trailer. His whole production was planned from detail to detail. His forty foot truck was completely decorated and furnished. He hired models and there were doormen dressed as NYPD policemen.

Complete with a rolling camera to film his motion picture, Kenneth Cole did such an unusual yet remarkable opening for his brand. What he did really paid off. He was able to successfully sell forty thousand pairs of shoes in just two and a half days! And at the same time, he was able to film the legendary beginning of his iconic company. In a little more than a decade, Kenneth Cole went public. He was included on Forbes yearly roster of 200 Best Small Companies. He was not just included once but four times! Up until today, the company remains to be named “Kenneth Cole Productions” in memory of this enlighteningly unique launch.

Overall, Kenneth Cole creates and designs clothing for men and women, footwear for men and women, and accessories. Here are the different collections that Kenneth Cole has devised to categorize his fashion line: Kenneth Cole Reaction, Kenneth Cole New York, and Unlisted.

At present, Kenneth Cole Productions now has over ninety retail stores and outlet stores scattered around the world. Here are some of the countries that have a Kenneth Cole Productions outlet: Canada, Venezuela, Mexico, Israel, Colombia, UAE, Philippines, UK, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Singapore and Australia. Apart from that, the brand also sells its items online and via catalogs.

Even up to present, the man behind the brand Kenneth Cole himself, retains control and major shares of the company he started.


Back to Business: Choosing your Backpack

When it comes to choosing a backpack, Kenneth Cole Productions might just have the perfect pack for you. If you need a pack that has superb quality without compromising style, then Kenneth Cole is the right choice. The fashion company has everything you need to fill your wardrobe.

When it comes to bags, it has a complete collection including backpacks! Kenneth Cole has backpacks you can use for short vacations, or perhaps as an everyday work bag. Kenneth Cole can help you find the ideal pack that is both stylish and professional looking.

So if you are in the process of looking for the perfect pack, a Kenneth Cole backpack might just be what you need.

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