Reinvent your Backpack Experience with Ivar

Ivar Backpacks - LogoWhen it comes to the expert backpack maker, there is just one brand that comes to mind: Ivar. As a backpack user myself,  I know for a fact that when you look for a pack, hundreds of backpack choices with different brand names with different styles and functions will come up on your search. This makes it such a tedious task to find THE backpack for you. At the start, it seems quite easy. But if you think about several different points to consider in your selections, then picking the backpack for you can be such a difficult mission. So why not start with the expert?


Getting to know Ivar

Ivar is a company that specializes mainly on creating, producing and manufacturing backpacks. Meaning, its focus is completely devoted to make backpacks. How cool is that? Well, it’s not just cool…it’s genius! Finally, there is a luggage company that understands the consumers’ need for backpacks. With Ivar, you will definitely be sure that it completely recognizes and understands your backpack needs.

Ivar has designed and created collections to fit different consumers with differing needs. It can cater to your different needs. For example, it can provide you with your everyday backpack you can bring to work, a travel pack for a weekend trip, or perhaps a business backpack. It can even help you out with choosing a school backpack! You name it, Ivar can provide it. Wherever you are, Ivar can help you. Ivar even provides free shipping once you make your order from its official website.

Ivar makes the consumers its primary inspiration. Two of the most important factors that consumers consider as significant in their selection process are organization and comfort. These are what Ivar packs are made of. The Ivar Shelf System makes sure that every pack is engineered to distribute even load for comfort, weight stability and convenient access. Choosing Ivar means giving importance to maximum comfort and superior organization.


Ivar History

The brilliance behind Ivar is Ian Ivarson. Did you know that he created and designed a shelf system pack during his student years? Ian Ivarson is truly a genius. He was inspired to create packs even with limited styles common in school. With his ambition to innovate, Ivar was founded. He started with only one backpack model. With just one model, Ivar evolved into a collection of backpacks that is available in more than 200 stores across the globe. The company is a San Francisco Bay Area company and is primarily based in California specifically San Anselmo. It is amazing to know that Ivar is powered by a small team. But its number is compensated by strength. A small but strong and solid team backs up Ivar. It is composed of a team of designers, professionals and its global partners who are 100% committed to create and revolutionize the backpack industry.

With Ivar, an undoubtedly unique, versatile and functional backpack is a sure guarantee. There isn’t any other pack like it. It maintains design without compromising versatility and durability. But what’s more is that it has a lifetime warranty. Ivar’s packs are given a warranty to the original owner of the backpack against any defect be it in the material or workmanship. This means that an Ivar backpack is not just like any other pack, it is your lifetime partner. So if you are in the middle of you selection process in looking for your ideal backpack that you need, dig deeper and look for a lifetime travel companion. Search for a dependable partner that you can totally rely on. Sure there are a lot of choices for a good backpack; but with Ivar, a lifelong partnership is certain.

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