Travel in Traditional Sophistication with Hartmann Luggage

Hartmann Luggage - LogoHartmann Luggage is the American luggage brand that has unquestionably withstood the test of time. Alongside the advent of the luggage industry was the conception of Hartmann Luggage.

Ever since its roots in the year 1877, Hartmann was already producing and manufacturing superior quality luggage for use in travel. That is over 130 years! If you need an expert in travel gear and accessories, Hartmann has been perfecting in this area for more than a century. Who else could you put your faith in than the luggage maker that has survived time with all its obstacles?


Getting to know Hartmann Luggage

The brilliance behind Hartmann Luggage is the Bavarian genius trunk maker Joseph S. Hartmann. Ever since 1877 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, he has been specializing in the creation and manufacture of trunks and luggage cases for travel via steam rail. Since then, Hartmann has continued to produce, create and manufacture first class quality luggage and travel gear. Recognized by its quality workmanship, Hartmann lives by three virtues in creating luggage: versatility, durability and luxurious style.

Up to present, Hartmann Luggage has never stopped evolving and despite the fact that it retains its flair for American tradition, it keeps up with modern technology and innovation to meet the ever changing travel needs of the modern professional. As of present, Hartmann manufactures not just luggage for American consumers but across the globe.


Hartmann Luggage: The Choice of Professionals

Hartmann has diverse collections ranging from business cases, carry-on bags, upright luggage and of course, backpacks. Hartmann provides the travel solution for men and women alike for whatever travel situation they may be in. Hartmann can be your travel-mate when it comes to day to day work, short weekend travels and even long business trips.


Professional Backpacks

It is a predicament especially for executives and professionals to select the perfect backpack that has enough space, comfortable to carry and most importantly fit their profile and wardrobe. It is common knowledge that backpacks provide the comfort that other bags oftentimes lack. However, as an executive, using one can be quite a dilemma. How so? Simply from the fact that most backpacks lack the professional look. Not all backpacks though. Choosing your luggage maker is a smart step.

Hartmann is popular for creating appealing professional luggage. It is almost as if it is made and established for professionals. Hartmann can assist professionals travel and move with complete style. With Hartmann, you will definitely look your best at work or wherever you are headed to. Sophistication is only one side of Hartmann. There’s so much more.

Together with its unique design is durability. Hartmann takes pride in its quality craftsmanship that it has perfected over the years. It creates topnotch travel pieces that are considered to be the best of the best worldwide. The brand makes use of materials and fabric that can be trusted 100%.

Versatility is another characteristic in all Hartman travel gears. Hartmann has intelligently designed and placed compartments that have truly altered the world of traveling. Each backpack is made to make your life easy and convenient.

Sophisticated design, durability you can trust and amazing versatility rolled in one; this is what Hartmann Luggage is all about. With all these star qualities of Hartmann, your selection in getting the right backpack for the professional you is truly made easier. Hartmann has a lineup of backpacks that uniquely fits your lifestyle and need. What more could you ask for? Hartmann has proved itself over the years. For you, it will never grow tired of proving what it can provide when it comes to quality luggage solutions.


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