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Everki Luggage - LogoOur day to day life oftentimes becomes a struggle because of several minute factors that affect our everyday daily routine. These small factors that usually seem insignificant to us then transform into one big nuisance combined altogether. One of these factors that you can definitely change is choosing the right pack for work.

Backpacks are a vital part of your everyday lifestyle. Believe it or not, choosing the best one that fits your everyday life can help a lot to make life more convenient. What do you think? Simply, life can be easier if you have the right backpack confidant depending on your needs.

Do you agree? Especially when it comes to work, having the right pack can truly make a big difference. Can you imagine using a backpack that is too small to fit all your work essentials? Or how about something that is too big and bulky? Or a pack that lacks design befitting of your career as a professional? Or maybe using a backpack that cannot take good care of your gadgets needed for work?

All these are important aspects to consider in choosing the perfect backpack for you. Remember that changing this detail in your life and choosing the best one can eliminate a lot of possible problems. An ideal backpack for you is the first step to an easier and more convenient lifestyle.

When it comes to your work life, can you think of a backpack brand that can support you all the way?


Getting to know Everki

One of the best and leading makers of luggage that you can count on is Everki. The premier and trusted luggage brand is a US based company driven by the need of the professional life of consumers. It specializes in the creation and manufacture of high-quality professional travel gear such as briefcases, messenger bags, camera bags, and backpacks. Stylish, original and finest quality luggage essentials are what Everki is all about.

Everki is committed to manufacture travel gear that will not just provide comfort, ease and flexibility, but also travel gear that will protect and support the gadgets and digital equipment we use day by day. It never fails to think about what the modern professional needs in all aspects be it quality, versatility, and even design. Everki makes it a point that the luggage you use reflects your individuality. Everki never settles for mediocrity, it aims for the very best in all its products.


Back to business: Backpacks

The many options that Everki is continually creating and producing have left many professional consumers and luggage competitors alike constantly updating as to its newest product. Take for example a backpack that is built to carry large laptops needed for work; Everki can definitely provide. Its Titan backpack is made for large laptops measuring 18.4”such as the Alienware M18x or the Asus G74. This new collection is perhaps the most compelling in the market as of present.

Not just that, it is made with excellent workmanship and quality materials and is even supported by a lifetime guarantee and world class customer support. What more could you ask for? Everki knows that the care and protection of your gadgets is your priority. The backpack is built for support that you can rely on.

What’s more is that the pack is checkpoint friendly so you need not be stressing about trying to take out your equipment while going through airport security. And did I mention that it comes along with a water resistant cover in case you are caught in a bad weather?

How about a backpack that is ideal for the professional that uses public transport? Everki’s the Studio might be your ideal pack. It is created to fit your gadgets like your laptop (up to 14” or the Macbook Pro 15”) and designed to look small and slim that displays professional authority.

This stunning work of art from Everki is a delicately stylish day pack that can carry your everyday work necessities without looking bulky. Its interior features brilliant organization with adequate space for the professional consumers’ needs. The backpack is undoubtedly created for business. Aside from the heavily padded compartment for your laptop integrated with Everki’s laptop corner guard structure, its second compartment provides smaller pockets for business cards, pens and whatnot. It even provides a pocket for your water bottle!

et, there’s more. This Everki collection pack doesn’t just offer the best storage solution; it features a convenient handle for ease in transport as well as comfortable straps for ease of carrying. It is definitely the best option especially for today’s commuting professional.

Everki continues to innovate and challenge itself to be at the top. You might not have thought about the pack you need for work or travel yet; Everki already did and it has a backpack just for you. Through the years, Everki has achieved milestones and overcame complications that other luggage manufacturers might have bypassed. This Everki mentality is the reason why it is able to consistently manufacture up to date and original travel solutions for the modern professional.

Everki might be one of your top choices for professional luggage if not the only choice.


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