ECBC. The World Today

ECBC-Luggage-LogoToday’s travelers move in a fast-paced ever-evolving era. Not just travelling, but basically anything is undergoing constant change. New upgrades and innovations in terms of technology, ideas, and even needs! Because man is difficult to satisfy, the world we know today is rather different from how it was 10-20 years ago.

Man’s thirst for knowledge and unrelenting curiosity, in turn, has brought amazing and even unimaginable inventions. Because of our human nature, we can do things that were unthinkable and impossible a decade ago! With the help of gadgets such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, audio players (to name a few), discovering and experiencing what the world has to offer can be done with a touch of a button. It is now possible to attend a meeting wherever you are in the planet. You can talk and see your beloved family and friends despite being separated by a thousand miles. These are just the tip of the iceberg. We are truly blessed to live in this day and age.


Modern Travel

Travel, together with the evolution of the world, has undergone a lot of changes as well to adapt to our needs. Because our luggage now comprises the devices and electronics we need, extra care, protection and security is needed more than ever.

It is vital, especially the carry-on which contains these gadgets, to be able to provide sufficient defense against outside factors and make sure that the contents of the bag is completely safe during travel.

Whether you will be travelling in short distances or long distances, the need for protection and security for these devices does not change.


ECBC: The Company

One luggage company that has seemed to fill this void in the travel industry is ECBC. ECBC stands by its mission statement: For all travelers in this developing age, they will provide innovative travel solutions that assure superior quality, high-tech, stress-free, stylish bags.

What is this void? The travel industry has, from the start, started updating depending on our needs. From convenience, weight, organization to style; everything is given adequate consideration. But we live in a time where technology plays a vital role in day to day life. Therefore, it also follows how we should give importance in caring and protecting these significant items during travel.

ECBC has taken matters into their own hands. The luggage company has gathered all the genius minds and experts in the travel industry to start a revolution in the world of travel luggage.


The ECBC difference

ECBC offers travelers luggage that are comfortable, functional and fashionable in terms of travelling with their daily essentials and technology. Thanks to their checkpoint ready luggage, air travel has never been so easy and fast. Now, you never ever need to unpack before arriving at your destination. ECBC makes your travel life simple. Another major strength that makes ECBC stand out is its consistent use of top quality materials in the construction of all their products.

The company makes sure that your bag is ready to withstand all factors of travel. It makes sure you are ready for anything. ECBC believes that your bag represent you. If you are ready, your luggage should be as well. But what really blew me away was how ECBC provides an option to have a spare portable battery pack. This means that whenever your battery is running low, you need not compete for the nearest outlet. You can just plug your device straight into your ECBC bag.

ECBC has thought about all your needs. That’s the ECBC difference.


ECBC Backpacks

Just like all ECBC luggage, the backpacks the company offers lives up to the ECBC mission. The luggage company understands the need for mobility and efficiency. It has an array of excellent backpack choices that are functional, convenient, and comfortable. It is the perfect carryall solution that makes sure your electronics and travel needs are given full protection.


Modern traveler defined

ECBC pays attention to every little detail. That is why each bag from its collection of luggage is carefully engineered to meet all your needs. ECBC knows how busy you are. With an ECBC bag, you can focus on the more important things in life. Life evolves. Travel evolves. Luggage evolves. ECBC evolves.


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