The Delsey Life

Delsey Luggage - LogoWhen you hear about Delsey, you associate it right away with French design and fashion luggage. Am I right? Well, believe it or not, that is not all Delsey has to offer. Modern design is just the start of the many qualities this pioneering luggage company has in store for you.


All about Delsey

Despite the fact that Delsey is now considered as an icon in the luggage and travel industry, it continues to produce and manufacture luggage merchandise it is well known for; faithful travel gear be it for business trips or leisure vacations.

This leading luggage company officially started in the year 1946 by the joint forces of Mr. Delahaye and the Seynhaeve brothers, hence the name “Delsey”.

Before Delsey, the Establissements Delahaye was already established. This company specializes in the creation of camera cases and covered cases particularly for record players and typewriters. With this strength, Delsey made use of this expertise in the manufacture of cases as an inspiration for developing a section that specializes in travel-ware merchandise made from molded plastic. This is the design that the Delsey luggage line is famous for.


Choosing Delsey

When you talk about the company that embodies the French’s finest quality in the luggage industry, you are talking about Delsey. Its French excellence in the creation and production of travel merchandise has continued to amaze consumers. Delsey is renowned for creating travel partners that you can completely rely on. With its innovative build and design, Delsey continues to manufacture inspired and ever more lightweight travel gear that will be your dependable travel buddy wherever you are headed to.

Delsey lives by two governing principles in the production and manufacture of travel luggage merchandise; design and innovation. Since the year 1975, Delsey has been redefining the standards in the manufacture of luggage and travel gear. The Delsey Design is collaborated by a strong and ingenious group of seven designers dedicated to cohesive and extensive research and inventive creation in order to carry out a steady original style. They are inspired by the day to day activities and factors that affect life be it sports, fashion, nature and even cars. Everything that involves how consumers live is considered to be a worthy inspiration for Delsey in creating and producing more innovative travel-ware ideas.


Action from Innovation

In order to not just meet you expectations but exceed them; Delsey is continuously and constantly evolving to achieve topnotch design and usability. It is relentlessly in search of new materials and assures that your belongings have maximum security you can rely on 100%.


Modern bold design from solid workmanship

Delsey has been receiving award winning luggage merchandise for the last seven decades. By employing cutting edge trends, the use of modern technology and state of the art material, the company persistently creates without compromise. In Paris, Delsey’s head office where the luggage is closely monitored using well-grounded knowledge and proficiency, more and more quality luggage are produced to uniquely reflect the different qualities of its consumers. You can instantly incorporate the luggage as an indispensable member of your lifestyle.


Let’s talk about Delsey backpacks

The Delsey line of backpacks remains to represent the Delsey design and innovation. Most backpacks in the market are either sturdy or fashionable but never both. Delsey makes it possible to have both qualities in all their merchandise including backpacks. Need a backpack? They have a lineup that you might just need. Is it for a weekend trip? Is it for an everyday trustworthy backpack? Is it for a busy overnight business trip? Is it a backpack for securing your gadgets like your laptop and tablet? Or maybe it’s a backpack for your kids for school? Delsey can definitely deliver.

The company has a wide range of backpacks that can suit your different needs. It accommodates a wide range of consumers sacrificing neither quality nor design. Having a dependable backpack is a must have in one’s lifestyle. Where else better to start than with a dependable luggage maker?


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