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Case Logic Luggage - LogoI don’t know about you but Case Logic agrees 100%. It is a company that is advocated to cater for the modern world’s luggage industry. Today, everybody travels with at least one gadget. I even travel with at least four of my basic devices: cellphone, laptop, tablet and camera. It is unimaginable to travel without bringing all of them! What gadgets do you usually bring during travel?


Modern Times

Gadgets, devices, or basically anything that has to do with technology play a major role in how we live our lives in these present times. These technological advancements have made dreams a reality. In today’s modern world, anything is possible. We live in a world wherein one can attend a meeting virtually.

Whether you are located miles away; there is no reason to miss attendance. Our world has eliminated a lot of boundaries. Thanks to these gadgets, we can travel and see the world with a touch of a button. Therefore, it is just right to do the best in order to take care of these devices during travel. What better way to pack in your travel essentials while providing protection and security for your gadgets than Case Logic?


Case Logic: The Company

Case Logic is a luggage company that specializes in protecting gadgets. Whether you have a mobile phone, laptop, camera, tablet, you name it, they have the perfect case for it. Case logic is driven by one goal: to provide smart solutions. Case Logic is a company that understands your needs. It is continuously evolving together with our ever changing needs. It intends to simplify life and help fulfill passions…anywhere and everywhere.


How it started

It was in the year 1984 that the Case Logic forefather, Jamie Temple, started the company. If you can remember, it was also around this year that the audiocassette era flourished. One day, Jamie was driving carrying his ski stuff as well as his music. As usual for a Colorado ski trip, things can tend to be bumpy. To resolve the issue, he created a customized audiocassette storage case. Hence, Case Logic was born.

One of the first products from the company that gained popularity was the CL 15. The CL 15 was basically a soft-sided case that can hold up to 15 audiocassettes. Simple as the concept may be, it was a revolution especially in the music storage industry. Soon after, more products were introduced catering to different gadgets. Case Logic’s products soared right then and there. Up until present, Case Logic continues to move with the times.

The company has quite a number of storage solutions you haven’t even thought of! Today, the company is a member of the Thule Group and is one of its largest brands. Case Logic products can be bought in over 100 countries across the globe.


Case Logic Today: Life, Simplified

The drive for innovation remains to be the foundation of Case Logic. Despite the many changes and evolution of technology, Case Logic strongly believes that mobility is an integral part of modernization. The company covers most, if not all, your travel and luggage needs. From briefcases, tablet cases, messenger bags, camera bags, laptop sleeves, to even backpacks, Case Logic has it all figured out. Case Logic makes sure that travel is simplified so you can focus on the big things. Case Logic believes in your “Life, Simplified”.



Since this website is dedicated to backpacks, I must say that Case Logic is one of the luggage companies who has your needs in mind. Case Logic’s backpack selection are designed and manufactured to keep up with you. It makes sure that you are able to balance style with performance. Access to technology and superior mobility make the company one of the top choices in the luggage industry when it comes to giving protection to devices during travel. Case Logic stresses on how important it is to stay connected with those important to us.

Our present times allow us unimaginable things. However, with just the right dose of responsibility, technology could go a long way. Who else would you trust but the expert?


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