A Lifetime Companion with Briggs and Riley

Briggs and Riley Luggage - LogoIs there such a pack that can indefinitely support and withstand normal wear and tear through time? Briggs and Riley. One of the leading producers of premier luggage for travel, Briggs and Riley guarantees a lifetime of quality and durability.


What is Briggs and Riley all about?

Briggs and Riley was founded in the year 1993 in Hauppauge, New York. Since then, Briggs and Riley has lived by its motto: a lifetime warranty no matter the cause. With this strength, it is without a doubt why Briggs and Riley has continued to surpass the travel luggage industry.

All throughout the course of its presence in the luggage and travel competition, Briggs and Riley has developed several important innovations that has definitely made the company a vital pillar in modern luggage for travel. It was the first luggage manufacturer to introduce the NXpandable System. This is a system that allows added space inside the bag upon expansion. Did you also know that Briggs and Riley led the development of an outside handle? This innovation provides a flat surface for packing thereby doing away with wrinkled clothes and whatnot. Briggs and Riley is truly a company that puts to heart the needs of consumers. By putting themselves in the shoes of the consumers, Briggs and Riley has definitely made a mark not just business-wise but as a foundation to make travel life convenient and comfortable.

Briggs and Riley revolves around the basic mission which is to not just build but most especially to maintain and sustain a constant and lifelong travel companionship with the consumer. The company continues to create and provide travel-ware needs from luggage to accessories. All the components even down to the smallest detail are given adequate attention to ensure that the luggage as a whole will be a worthwhile travel companion. From zippers, locks, frames, fabric…your Briggs and Riley luggage assures survival to the bumpiest and harshest of travels thus surpassing expectations.

With Briggs and Riley, you will be sure that your travels will be made easier and more convenient. You can rely on them particularly when it comes to providing you with luggage that is not just functional and attractive but durable as well.

Nevertheless, providing quality luggage products is just the start. The company and its merchandise strive for quality with value. Even up to present, merchandise with the highest quality can only be reached by consumers that can afford first-rate costs. Briggs and Riley aims to change that perspective. The company provides quality luggage at reasonable prices.


How about backpacks?

When it comes to backpacks, Briggs and Riley has a number of top quality packs designed and manufactured depending on the consumers’ need and lifestyle. Be it for short business trips to long ones, or maybe as an everyday pack to secure your belongings such as your laptop, Briggs and Riley can help you with that. All its designs are personalized uniquely and carefully putting the consumer’s needs top priority. Also, with the highest quality workmanship Briggs and Riley assures, their backpack might just be what you need.

Briggs and Riley is known to divide its consumers into collections depending on their need and lifestyle. It has six collections: Baseline, Torq, Transcend, BRX, @Work, and Verb. Knowing which collection you belong to will definitely help you in picking the luggage or pack you need. Take for example you might need a pack with enough space for the work activities of the day, then a backpack from the Verb collection might be the answer. It features a pack with room for the day’s agenda that is accompanied by different sections for business cards, notebooks, pens and more. It secures your electronics and assures a comfortable back fit.

Choosing the pack that you need is a pretty difficult position, but choosing your companion in selecting your backpack can be the best solution. Briggs and Riley never compromises. It designs functional and original travel pieces with quality and value.  A true companion that has proved its renowned performance and lifetime guarantee; that is Briggs and Riley.


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