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Zero Halliburton - Logo Among the most prestigious luggage brands to definitely check out is Zero Halliburton. Sounds familiar? For those who are clueless about what Zero Halliburton is all about, you definitely need to finish reading to get an overview!


Zero Halliburton: Quick History

So what is the fuss all about? Let me start to backtrack a bit so everyone will be on the same page. Zero Halliburton is a luggage and travel gear company that creates and manufactures travel cases and briefcases.

Before it became what it is today, it originally was a metal fabrication corporation named Zierold Company. This was founded in 1938 by Herman Zierold. However in 1946, its name was changed to Zero Corporation. Halliburton is an oilfield services business based in Oklahoma-Texas. Zero Corporation is not connected in any way to Halliburton until it bought its luggage division.

Conversely, Halliburton is founded by a man named Erle P. Halliburton. The first aluminum travel case was custom-built only for Erle Halliburton’s personal usage. He was a known oil field engineer and needed a luggage to secure and protect his clothes especially his documents during exposure to extreme conditions such as dirt, dust and heat. He directed his staff to create the legendary case using his engineering expertise. Thus, the development of the first aluminum case in the world came to be.

These one of a kind cases made a serious leap to advance the luggage industry. Aside from durability, these aluminum cases were tightly sealed that it kept out dirt, dust and moisture out. It did not take long for the people in Halliburton’s circle to convince him to share his innovation.

As a result, the start of a Southern California luggage company began. As of present, Zero Halliburton is a completely owned section of Japan based company ACE Co, Ltd.


More about Zero Halliburton

The reputation of the superior quality luggage and cases that Zero Halliburton creates even debuted on the big screen. With over 200 Hollywood movie and television appearances, everyone has indeed recognized the topnotch luggage that Zero Halliburton is capable of manufacturing. Aside from using aluminum, the company’s cases can also be made using Texalium (aluminum coated fiberglass) or polycarbonate depending on your choice.

Furthermore, the legendary nuclear football, which is said to contain the codes for the United States President to launch should a nuclear strike occur, is a customized Zero Halliburton case. Who else to trust the most dangerous case in the world than the very best right?


Zero Halliburton at Present

Zero Halliburton thrives to evolve in order to create and produce the ideal luggage of today’s traveler. It focuses on 4 key principles: lightweight, minimalistic design, protection, and world class durability. More and more advancements are engineered and made possible by the company as the world of traveling continues to develop.

From modern wheel systems to new lightweight materials, Zero Halliburton is always up-to-date depending on the needs of today’s travel consumers.


Back to Backpacks

How about backpacks? When it comes to creating outstanding top-of-the-line packs, who else can do it better than Zero Halliburton? If you give importance to 100% reliability in the protection of your belongings and superior durability, nothing can come close to what Zero Halliburton can provide. What’s more, it keeps in mind your comfort and makes sure that your bag fits your profile.

Zero Halliburton creates versatile packs that can be for more than one use. It can be suitable as an everyday pack for work or perhaps a backpack you can bring for a weekend trip. You are given the choice of what pack you need to fit your way of life.

What’s more is that Zero Halliburton’s official website allows you to select categories depending on your need be it size, material, color or even lifestyle. Your choices are automatically narrowed down depending on your filtered selections. How easy! So just finalize what factors you need to consider and select you Zero Halliburton pack.

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