Victorinox: Your Partner for Life

Victorinox - Logo Finding the perfect backpack, for me, is like looking for your companion for life. Therefore, the selection process is one that should be considered very carefully. Once you spot your ideal backpack, life will surely be made easier and more convenient. However, if you do not choose wisely and just purchase the first good looking pack you pass by, you most certainly will end up buying another one.

For me, it would be a good idea to choose your brand first. Choose one that would match your lifestyle as well as your needs and expectations. Then once you’ve chosen, you can select the ideal pack among its collections.


All about Victorinox

A brand that you should definitely check out is Victorinox. Victorinox is not just a company that creates and manufactures luggage products, it known for several other products such as pocket knives and timepieces. All the products that Victorinox manufactures build up the prestige of the brand.

The company aims to be a provider of functional, practical, reasonably priced and superior quality items for all consumers from all walks of life. Victorinox hopes to make life pleasurable and more satisfying.


The history and legacy of Victorinox

It was way back in the year 1884 that Victorinox was founded. Karl Elsener, a Swiss pioneer, established a cutler’s workshop. This was in Ibach-Schwyz, which is in Central Switzerland. According to the narrative by current CEO Carl Elsener (great grandson of the founder), his great grandfather established the cutler’s workshop to deliver a knife to a soldier from the Swiss army.

This sparked an ingenious idea. He had the idea that he could make a compact and sturdy knife; one that would not only serve one function, but many functions. Imagine a multi-functional tool in one!

Thankfully, Karl Elsener was able to successfully develop such tool. Today, this tool is what we call “the Swiss Army Knife.” Since 1891, Victorinox was the company that exclusively supplied knives to the Swiss army. The popular logo of Victorinox shows a cross in a shield. This emblem has been used by the company since 1909. It was also in that same year that Karl Elesner’s mother passed away. In order to honor her, he named his company after her “Victoria.”

It was just in the year 1921 that the suffix “inox” was added to make it Victorinox. “Inox” is a French abbreviation meaning stainless steel.

What was inspiring about the story of Victorinox was that it was established at one of the most crucial points in Switzerland history. At that time, Switzerland was considered to be one of the poorer countries in Europe. During the 1880’s, unemployment was rampant and common to the Swiss. Before, their only option was to emigrate.

Regardless of these dire circumstances, Karl Elsener still pursued his cutler’s workshop. He took the first step to the rise of Switzerland and laid the foundation of his company through his cutler’s workshop.

Through the years, Victorinox evolved into manufacturing more products that has proven its worth such as timepieces, travel gear, writing equipment and even apparel. Eventually through time, technology and even consumers evolved. Victorinox has outlasted time and the consumers evolving demands by also growing and developing thereby meeting their needs.

The one hundred twenty five (125) years of history of Victorinox can be summed up two words: perseverance and growth. Truly, the company has lived up to the typical Swiss characteristic. Its products have honored not just the brand, but the whole country and its people. This is the legacy of Victorinox which has made it into an icon.

Since Victorinox was established, it remains to be a family-owned business. Up until today, the company has continued to be independent. The founding family, the Elsener family, owns ten percent of the entire shares. Victorinox’s foundations own the remaining ninety percent of the company. The company believes that through this scheme, the company’s future will be secured as long as the its ability to provide jobs.


How about Backpacks?

Well, I pretty much shared a lengthy but interesting history about Victorinox. So how about backpacks? Just like its other products such as the very first Swiss Army knives, its travel gear and luggage is also as multi-functional, durable and reliable. Victorinox, as a company that also supplies luggage, has various kinds of backpacks available be it for long-term travel, everyday use or just a weekend getaway. Conveniently, the company has classified its bags depending on your use.

So just think about what backpack you need and choose which one would fit your lifestyle and need. Whatever pack you need, I’m pretty sure Victorinox can supply it. Each product that Victorinox manufactures is a representation of the well-known Swiss quality as well as their pioneering spirit.

With Victorinox, you are not only choosing a simple product, you are choosing a partner that will stand by you for life. Hence, would you choose just a backpack? Or would you choose your trusted travel partner?

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