Modern Traveling with Tumi

Tumi - Logo Backpacks are everywhere. Ever since, people have already realized the ease and comfort of carrying something on one’s back rather than on the shoulder or hands. Even the earliest man and woman already started using packs to carry on his / her back especially when it comes to transporting heavy things. This way, weight can be evenly distributed. It also gives us the feeling that we can carry more weight. Try carrying the same weight on your shoulder and compare it if you carry it on your back.

Does it feel like it weighs the same? No. This is exactly why even up to today, backpacks continue to grace us with its usability and versatility. Do you have a trusted backpack?


Let’s get to know Tumi

Thirty years of creating the finest quality travel gear, Tumi is recognized as one of the top of the line luggage companies and a leading brand when it comes to luxury travel. The company prides itself on creating and producing superior quality luggage based on 3 fundamental principles: superior functionality, design excellence and technical innovation.

From brief cases, backpacks, carry-ons and even personal travel accessories, Tumi makes sure that every bag it provides is exceptional in terms of durability and performance. The company is known to be the top choice especially for business travelers since it designs tough luggage yet it is made from lightweight materials.

Tumi commits itself to continuously innovate to provide and satisfy the travel consumers of today.


How Tumi started

It was in the year 1975 that Tumi was established. In the 80’s, Tumi introduced its innovation featuring professional black, functional, nylon luggage and travel gear. This creation and design launched Tumi to its present leadership position in the luggage industry.

Later in the 90’s, Tumi created more options for consumers therefore increasing its number of customers across the globe. More and more people worldwide have chosen Tumi for its distinctive mix of unmatched performance and modern style.


Tumi Luggage

The products that Tumi continues to create and produce up until present are what make Tumi a leader. Its careful product quality and selection makes it admirable not just to consumers but to other luggage companies as well. Tumi makes sure that every aspect up to the minutest detail is checked. The company believes that each component of the whole product is regarded with utmost importance.

Travelers differ from one another. Even business travelers have distinct needs that differ. You could say that travelers come in different shapes and sizes. Meaning, each has his / her travel needs and style. To fit their travel style and meet their specific needs, Tumi has categorized its products into different collections. This way, selection is made easier for its consumers.

Presently, Tumi has more than twenty five exclusive designs. These designs and engineering innovations have made Tumi a bearer of recognitions and awards. Tumi has been consistently recognized as the “best” product in travel and business classes by known consumer publications. Despite this, Tumi continues to introduce more innovations to satisfy travelers worldwide.

When it comes to availability, Tumi is indeed a true international brand. Tumi luggage and accessories are available in more than sixty five countries across the globe. There are more than one hundred eighty three (183) retail stores and shops in major international cities. Tumi makes sure that if you need them, you can reach them.


Tumi: Adapting to modern lifestyle

Currently, Tumi has expanded its market to include various accessories. This includes the manufacture of pens, belts and even electronic equipment. In 2006, Tumi partnered with Anish Kapoor to create a backpack that makes use of solar technology to charge gadgets such as PDAs and phones. They call it the “PowerPack.” In the same year, the company teamed up with Italian motorcycle company Ducati to launch a collection of co-branded pieces.

Did you know that Tumi established a registration system in each of its bags? The company puts a metal plate containing a registration number consisting twenty digits. Through this, each of Tumi’s customers can register to the Tumi Tracer program and add their contact information to Tumi’s database. So if ever they lose their Tumi bag, there is a possible chance to get it back once it is found. How clever!


Back to business: Choosing a Backpack

When it comes to backpacks, Tumi is definitely one of the top picks. Tumi produces its packs with superior quality, stylish design and modern innovation as it does to all the products it creates. But you have to make the first step. You have to decide what you need down to the last detail.

Once you know what you need in a backpack, then Tumi can do the rest. All you need is to choose among its collections where you fit based on your needs and lifestyle. After that you can now pick you pack!

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