Make a statement. Make it Ogio.

Ogio - Logo One of the most well-known luggage companies to date is Ogio. You might be familiar with it especially if you are inclined to sports. But did you know that apart from providing sports luggage and gear, this brand can also be relied on when it comes to your trusty backpack?


Ogio: How it started

Ogio, an action sports company, is popular in exclusively selling gear bags. The company was established in the year 1987 by Mike Pratt. Known to be a natural born adventurer, sports enthusiast and innovator, he needed a way to channel his ideas thus Ogio. Mike Pratt started with creating a sports bag which was fashioned after a locker. He had a simple but bold concept. As daring as his concept was, this idea paved the way to revolutionize the luggage industry.

Fortunately and thankfully, the consumers from Nordstrom were able to see its potential. From then on, Ogio was born. From humble beginnings, come great blessings for Ogio. Mike Pratt together with a team of talented designers created luggage and apparel that is considered as serious competition to other premier luggage companies.

The brand was able to nail new designs that have become such a hit among consumers whether it is used for sports or as a travel luggage gear.


Ogio: Specializing in sports luggage and gear

However, when it comes to sports gear, Ogio is not just the top choice, it is the obvious choice. Under its sports gear luggage, there are different categories or collections depending on the sport such as golf, surf, motocross, skate, and snowboarding.

Aside from that, did you know that this company is the official supporter and sponsor of some of the world’s best extreme sports competitors? These athletes personally choose to use exclusive Ogio gear. The athletes themselves embody what this company lives for: pushing boundaries.

For over two decades, Ogio has been supplying and supporting several renowned athletes who put their trust only in this awesome brand. Among the athletes that this brand sponsors are Steve Peat, Ben Reid and Paddy Graham.


Back to business: Choosing a Backpack

So how does it fare for those of us who are looking and searching for the perfect backpack? Will Ogio be the brand we’re looking for? Definitely! This company is committed to providing luggage that will fit your lifestyle and that includes a line of backpacks.

Do not be disheartened by the fact that Ogio is famous for its sports gear. This super company does not only create and manufacture exclusively for sports bags and apparel; it produces everyday bags, travel luggage and more.

The question is: what are you looking for? If you know what you are looking for in a backpack, starting with this brand is a wise choice. Whether it is a pack for your everyday commute, or a short vacation backpack, or maybe a backpack to secure your belongings such as your laptop and other gadgets, Ogio has a lineup of durable, versatile and stylish packs that will readily adapt to your lifestyle.

This company makes sure that all the bags they create and manufacture are supported by the best materials. Furthermore, their bags are backed up by the latest in technology. It has designed and customized a useful pocket system to ensure that you enjoy full ease and convenience.

Ogio has a collection of stylish backpacks that you can choose from to not just fit your wardrobe, but your personality. If you are looking for a backpack that you can depend on no matter the situation, this might be the brand for you. Living life and pushing boundaries while making a statement?

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