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Why choose a branded backpack?

There’s been tremendous discussion about whether it is a wise decision to pick a backpack among the collections of top brands. This does not only relate to backpacks but basically any product such as watches, electronics, gadgets, apparel and so much more.

So why pick a branded product? A lot of advantages would come to mind for sure. But let’s focus more specifically on backpacks. I consider backpacks to be a vital part of our wardrobe. Even for those who use another kind of bag for daily use, I’m pretty sure there’s a time where backpacks come to be useful from time to time. Agree? But most especially to frequent backpack users such as businessmen and women; the selection process of backpacks is important.

Here are some reasons why choosing a branded pack is a wise decision:

  • Superior quality and durability – If you choose a backpack which is among the top known brands, you will be assured of superior quality in terms of workmanship and make. Keep in mind that the reason why these brands / luggage companies made a name for themselves is because they were able to meet and satisfy the needs of consumers. Durability is one of the main considerations for consumers in choosing a backpack.
  • They have warranties and guarantees – Branded packs are known to have superior quality. However, the process of wear and tear is normal for any kind of bag. Bag handling is one of the many factors that affect wear and tear. To address this, branded packs especially those among the top brands oftentimes offer a warranty for their products. This way, consumers can make sure that they are not the only ones taking care of their bags; the manufacturer continues to extend their assistance and support even after the purchase of the product.
  • Modern Engineering – Premier backpack/ luggage companies have a strong workforce behind their products. They have a team of experts that study and analyze every detail that comprises the bag. Hence, functionality and versatility is absolutely an important consideration. These companies are backed up by the latest that technology has to offer combined by their team of brilliant people.
  • Stylish – Branded backpacks make sure that they adapt to the best in fashion and style without compromising quality, functionality and versatility. What more could you ask for?

As of now, we have separate pages for our list of top 17 backpack brands that you should definitely check out. We also have an individual backpack review listed at the end of every page in order for you to get to know more about the backpacks that the brands offer.

Our backpack brands are the following in alphabetical order: Briggs & Riley, Case Logic, Delsey, ECBC, Everki, Hartmann, Ivar, Kenneth Cole, OGIO, Samsonite, Solo, Targus, Tortuga, Travelpro, Tumi, Victorinox and Zero Halliburton.