About Us

Hello there friend! We are pleased to meet you. Welcome! If you are looking for quality, functional and fashionable backpacks, you are in the right place. Want tips and tricks for business traveling? We can definitely help you out! Here, we have summed up probably most of what you need to know about backpacks and business traveling. We specialize most especially in providing the best backpack ideas for professionals.

Our Site

This site just started out as an outlet…sort of like a hobby to collate information and news about business traveling as well as backpacks for businessmen and women. Here, you can find just about anything and everything that links or relates to these two main topics. We collect reviews, news and even rumors!  We aim to deliver and provide wide-ranging, thorough and complete facts and details about backpacks and light traveling that would prove helpful to me and you. Do know that this website is privately sustained and maintained by a group of people. Here are a few things about us and our site:

  • This site does not accept paid advertising from companies. We are not affiliated to any company in any way unlike many big websites. As of present, we are 100% independent.
  • This website is not a professional site. Because of this, there may be times that we commit linguistic or technical errors. Please do understand and help us by sending us a message for any concerns. We would be very happy to receive constructive criticism so that improvements would be made.
  • Only our spare time is used in order to build this website. Hence, there are times that our responses would take time. There would also be times that we would miss some news or probably not be as quick in posting new information. We hope for your understanding and consideration.
  • This site keeps advertising banners and such at a minimum level.
  • In order to cover monthly costs and to keep this site running, we encourage that you check out and purchase products through our affiliate links. From this, a very small percentage will be taken from the sales. Please support us so that we can continue to run this site and build more quality content for you and future readers and visitors.
  • Whether or not we would receive an affiliate commission, all the products that we review are reviewed with utmost honesty and impartiality. This means that if we would recommend a product to you, we would also recommend the product to ourselves and those close to us.

About Us

This website began because of our mutual interest in collecting and collating newsworthy information, facts and details about backpacks and business traveling. Thanks to this site, we now have a platform for sharing everything that we have gathered so far. This is the main reason why we have this website; it is our meeting place where we can share. What was exciting was that we didn’t know that so many are also interested and have the same interests as we do. Honestly, just like all of you, we are normal people. We have a regular job. Most of the time (if not all the time), we write on this website while on the go. We write on our spare time be it at a coffee shop or perhaps while on the road. Whenever and wherever we can. Hopefully through this site, all of you can get help and support to get the best business backpack suited for your unique lifestyle.

Rule of Thumb

Respect. We would really appreciate it if this website including us as the administrators as well as you as our visitors maintains the atmosphere bound by respect for each other. In simpler words: please do not insult or make harsh comments. Comments are very much welcome and will be published. However, comments that would contain insults or will offend others will not be published and will be deleted.

We would love to hear from you!

Join us and our growing community. You can send us your own product reviews so you could also help other visitors inquiring about backpacks and traveling light. Interesting rumors and exciting news that you can find online is also very welcome. It would help us a lot to be kept updated if ever we missed important news.

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As mentioned earlier, we have some costs to keep the site running such as server costs, technical work, design changes and other extra expenses. Therefore, your help and support would be very much appreciated. Please use the affiliate links for purchasing products. From this, we will earn a small portion to maintain the website. Imagine this, you get the product that you want AND support us at the same time without spending a single penny! Win-win! By supporting our website, you will be able to:

  1. Help and support our site without any added expense from your pocket.
  2. Keep advertisement banners and such at a minimum level
  3. Preserve the independence of the website from the influence and power of big companies. Unlike other websites that are somehow linked or related by these companies for publishing articles, this website is independent.
  4. Help build our growing community, and of course…have fun!