Our internal standard on how we qualify the best business backpacks tailored to your personality style

Welcome to our world of backpacks! If you’ve scanned through our reviews and insights, you will immediately notice how dedicated we are to provide you with the best business backpacks. As an avid backpack user myself, I fully understand what a struggle it is for one to pick and select the best backpack. Not just any backpack but one that will be able to fit and adapt to your purpose, style and personality. These days, there are hundreds upon hundreds of backpack selections. As a business person, choosing one can be trickier than you can imagine. First of all, for a businessman, bags are a vital part of day to day living. Choosing which kind you need is complex. There are suit cases, messenger bags, backpacks, etc. Personally, my bag of choice is backpacks. I know for a fact that most practical businessmen and professionals prefer backpacks too for simple reasons; they are functional, convenient and mobile. But it doesn’t stop there. There are many different kinds of backpacks. At first, I thought that backpacks are just that; backpacks. But it doesn’t stop there. That is only the beginning. As a rookie backpack user, I learned a lot from buying my first backpack.  I was able to learn along the way and after many backpacks that I bought, I finally realized what I need in a backpack. I was able to enumerate and visualize my ideal backpack. I concluded that I needed a business backpack that would be my day to day partner. I do not need just a backpack, I need a trusted companion. Here, we help you understand what backpack you truly need. We will assist you in identifying the core qualities you would need in a business backpack. Most importantly, we carefully select top of the line business backpacks especially for you. This way, you are able to make a wise decision in terms of backpack selection. Our chosen business backpacks that we feature are diverse in terms of style and function. To help you, we have created a system wherein we categorize each backpack according to your style, personality and preference: Light, Active, Executive, Travel and Elegance.


Backpacks, backpacks, backpacks!

I just love backpacks! Do you? Generally, backpacks are convenient, comfortable, functional, versatile and even stylish! You might be asking why we feature a variety of business backpacks on our site. We have a lot of different designs, styles, and structures. Each backpack is a unique bag of its own. Can you guess why? The main reason for this is that there are also a variety of businessmen and professionals like you and me! Each person, in this case businessmen and professionals, is unique. They have their own purpose, personality, and style. Backpacks are similar to people. Each pack is designed and created uniquely. This way, the many varieties of backpacks are able to cater to a vast diversity of businessmen and professionals alike.

What kind of personality do you have? What style do you prefer? What is your purpose? Why are you looking for a backpack? Do you travel often? Do you bring a lot of electronics? Do you travel light? Do you need a multi-purpose backpack? Do you need a lot of room in your bag? These are just a few of the questions you ask yourself during the process of backpack selection. A very important thing that one should remember before choosing a backpack is to be able to answer the abovementioned basic questions. Answering these questions is the very first step in choosing a backpack. These queries ultimately guide you during the selection process. It is vital that you know and understand what you need and want and why you need and want it. If you can answer these questions directly, without a doubt you will be able to wisely choose the perfect backpack for you.

A businessman who travels very often probably 3 times a week on average, a businesswoman who loves style as much as she loves comfort, a businessman who works as hard at the office as he does at gym, a businessman who loves to go on small adventures even during business trips, an elegant businesswoman who needs total luggage organization, a tech savvy businessman who travels in style and comfort, a practical businessman who is always on-the-go, a simple businessman who is active in and out of the office, a professional who has passion for the arts as much as work, a businesswoman who exudes style and elegance but gives as much importance to versatility and functionality, a professional who travels light, a professional who works and travels often, an executive businessman who needs organization and functionality…and more! These are just a few of the many personas of business people and professionals. With each profile, luggage companies also create a backpack counterpart to be able to supply your needs and satisfy your wants so you can focus on more important things and be able to achieve more.

The modern times allow each one of us to become who we are. We can choose who we want to be without any hesitation. That is probably the best thing about living today. We can be who we want to be. We can transform and show the world who we really are. Unlike the past, the present does not have such strict rules and regulations. The present permits such freedom in order that you can fulfill and become the best version of yourself. Just like backpacks, you are given the freedom to choose the one pack that closely resembles you, your ideals, goals, personality and style. Which is why knowing and understanding who you are is the main ingredient to a successful backpack selection.

What type of person are you? Are you outgoing and social? Are you active? Do you prefer to look elegant? Do you travel light? Do you move a lot? Do you travel in style? Do you travel often? The different personalities and core styles of businessmen and professionals are the reason why there is a wide selection of business backpacks. Luggage companies strive to deliver and provide satisfaction to not just a few but all businessmen and professionals. Design, function, and features make each backpack unique in its own way. As a backpack user and reviewer, I can testify that there are a lot of good business backpacks. But it takes a good eye and vast experience to differentiate the excellent ones. Choosing a backpack is quite easy. But choosing a travel companion, now that’s another thing. I consider my backpack as a partner. It is my everyday companion to and from work, gym, coffee shops, and during travel. My backpack is my support system. It makes sure that all my essentials are safe and secure most especially when I’m on my way to a particular destination. With this said, I value the process of choosing the right business backpack that would best suit my lifestyle, personality, purpose and personal style. I strongly believe that you should too. Choosing your ideal business backpack might take a long time, but I guarantee that it is time well spent. But don’t worry, in this site, we have simplified things for you. This is where our LAETE℠ Business Backpack Classification System comes in.


L A E T E Business Backpack Classification System

Do you remember the first time you were scouting for the ideal business backpack? You had to go through a lot of choices! There are different brands, styles, material used, colors, and so much more! The list is never ending! This is where we help you. Our site is dedicated to help out in order for you to select the best and ideal business backpack that would fit you. Aside from carefully handpicking the best business backpacks, we organize each one in a way that would make your backpack selection process fast and easy. The technique we use is LAETE℠.

What does LAETE℠ stand for? It stands for Light, Active, Executive, Travel and Elegance. These five are our standard groups to classify the business backpacks in our website. We formulated this method because we realized that it is the most effective classification system to make your backpack scouting easy and stress-free. From experience, I know that there are different ways to organize the backpack. We could do it by brand, function, materials used, or even by color! But as consumers ourselves, we realized that we have to put ourselves in the consumers’ standpoint. Therefore, we were able to formulate LAETE℠. Here is a brief overview about LAETE℠.

  • Light –The first letter of our classification system is “L”. It stands for Light travel. This means to say that when a business backpack on our list is labeled with an “L” then it is under light. Light travel is very important to a lot of businessmen and professionals. Many prefer to have the lightest backpack to make traveling easier and faster. It also means that backpacks under this category only fit the essentials and basics.
  • Active – The letter “A” in LAETE℠ stands for Active. The business backpacks categorized under “A” are ideal for those who live active lifestyles. This means backpacks that not only contain the basics, but have room for after work essentials such as gym clothes and shoes. Backpacks in this group can be moderately sized, not too big and not too small, but just enough to be comfortable going around from one place to another.
  • Executive – The first “E” in LAETE℠ is for Executive. A lot of businessmen and professionals prefer to look executive. Backpacks under this group not only exude professionalism, they are able to function like professionals too.
  • Travel – “T” stands for Travel. It is true that a number of businessmen go on many travels. The backpacks placed under this classification are ideal for businessmen and professionals who are always traveling. The most important features for travel backpacks are the checkpoint friendly option, so that going through airline security is super easy and extra space for all your travel needs such as your business needs, accessories and clothing.
  • Elegance – The second “E” in LAETE℠ stands for Elegance. Many businessman and businesswoman regard style to be as important as function. Backpacks labeled under this category ensure that elegant style is regarded as a vital factor in the creation of the bag. Bags under the Elegance label are able to perform and look the part.

LAETE is a classification system that we carefully put together. In general, the LAETE classification is based on lifestyle, function and style. In this manner, the business backpacks are classified in a way that fits you. Our classification system targets the main purpose why you are looking for a backpack. We go straight to the point. By combining the three most important factors in the backpack selection process, the LAETE℠ system emerged. Through the LAETE℠ system, you will be able to choose wisely and even realize what you need in a business backpack. Your search will be widened. Your search will be made more comprehensive. It is usual that consumers just go to the brand they are familiar with. Through our website and classification system, you will get to know more backpacks. You need not limit yourself to only a few choices. Know that your decision on which business backpack you will choose is important. If you will have more options, it is likely that you will be able to make the perfect selection. Remember that your backpack is not just a bag, it is a life companion.


L A E T E – Up Close and Personal

Light, Active, Executive, Travel and elegance…all these factors make your selection process more convenient and stress-free. Each category that makes up LAETE℠ was carefully planned and thought of. A lot of deliberation was done for us to come up with a standardized classification system for business backpacks. Although it is true that there is a certain degree that we need a bit of something from all the categories, it is important to know for sure your priorities. Each bag placed under a specific category does not mean it completely lacks the other four qualities. It just means to say that one quality exceeds more than the others. Just like us. All of us have many characteristics, both good and bad. But some characteristics are stronger and are more evident than others. Correct? Just like us, our featured business backpacks have many qualities. However, the strongest quality that a backpack displays determines which category we place it. As a consumer, it is your responsibility to sensibly pick out the single most significant quality that you need in a business backpack. By doing so, you have done the first step and are getting closer to finding the ideal business backpack for you.


Light  – The first category in LAETE℠ is Light.

This classification includes all backpacks used for light traveling. What is light traveling? Basically, light traveling is traveling with usually only the essentials. Do you travel light? Nowadays, modern businessmen and professionals prefer to travel light. Most of them have already identified their most important necessities that they need to take with them wherever they go. These people are always on the go and ready to move. People who travel light seek convenience, comfort and versatility above all else. Based on your purpose, personal style and lifestyle, choosing to travel light is a great advantage. An example of a business person who travels light is one who is ready to go at a moment’s notice. He or she just readily grabs the essentials which would probably be just a laptop, some paperwork, and personal items. The ideal bag would be preferably small to medium sized. Most importantly, the bag should use materials that are lightweight. He or she would want to have a backpack with a convenient pocket system for his or her basic items to make traveling convenient and hassle-free. Backpacks in this category are oftentimes very versatile; just one bag for all occasions that you could just take with you anywhere.


Active  – The Active classification in LAETE℠ is meant for those who have active lifestyles.

In this group, business backpacks cater to business people who live actively. These people work hard and play harder. Most of the time, the business backpacks in this category need space not just for business items and personal necessities. The backpacks they need should be multi-functional. Also, these active businessmen need space for more stuff! Businessmen who fit this group are serious when it comes to work but never forget to make time for other activities such as going to the gym or going out at night after work. A lot of active businessmen commute and move a lot be it short distances or long travels. Which is why the size of the business backpack that would fit him or her should be something moderately sized. It is true that the active business person needs more room; however, the bag shouldn’t be a hindrance from being able to easily move from one place to another. The business backpack should not be too big and not too small. It should be made with durable and preferably lightweight materials. Another thing that business backpacks should possess in this group is versatility so that one could bring the backpack wherever he or she goes.


Executive – The third category is Executive.

This group consists of business backpacks that cater to business executives. The people in this group are the business people who are top ranked, executives, CEOs and such. The backpacks in this classification are sleek, functional, and basic. Executives usually bring their basic electronics such as a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, some paperwork, business cards, pens and other valuables. Pretty much they bring just the basic stuff and those items they bring to meetings. Some business executives go around a lot. With this said, it is important that the backpacks in this classification are convenient, professional-looking and functional. Another important factor to consider with business executives who travel is to preferably have a checkpoint friendly laptop pocket to make security checks stress-free, easy and fast.


Travel – This group is labeled Travel.

This classification is dedicated to businessmen and professionals who travel a lot. The business backpacks in this group need space for more items. Usually, the business people who travel a lot need a bag they can completely rely on especially when they are on-the-go. Security and protection of all their valuables particularly their gadgets is a must. Also, having a compartment system that is able to organize all the items in a way that is easy-to-access and convenient despite the load is vital. Another thing to consider is that business backpacks in this category should have a checkpoint ready laptop pocket so that passing through airline checkpoints is easy breezy! For professionals and business people who travel often, the materials used should be durable and lightweight if possible. The usual struggle for business travelers is that their backpacks are not very mobile. With this said, having extra features to add to the bag’s mobility is definitely a plus. Features such as a trolley sleeve or a backpack that can double as a trolley is a great advantage.


Elegance – The last category that comprises LAETE™ is Elegance.

This group refers to business people who choose to travel in elegance. Those who belong in this class are those who regard style as much as they regard functionality. The elegant traveler brings just the essentials. He or she makes sure that the bag remains compact and not bulky. All the electronics and paperwork should be given security and protection too. Traveling in elegance does not only mean looks and appearances. Traveling in elegance is traveling in luxury. Business backpacks in this category should not only look the part but should be able to perform excellently. If you travel in elegance you would need these three basic ingredients: style, convenience and functionality.

All together, these five categories make up LAETE. The LAETE classification is our way to make things easier and more convenient for you. Each group has a distinct characteristic. Each bag that belongs in a certain class is similar to the other bags in the same group. This likeness made it possible for us to classify them in one group. But even with some degree of similarity, remember that each business backpack remains unique. With the LAETE℠ system, choosing your ideal business backpack has never been so easy!


Choose your Backpack!

Searching for a backpack does not mean choosing the best. There are a lot of really great backpacks out in the market. But take note that not all of these options are suitable for you. Each backpack is unique just like you. Businessmen and professionals have different goals, lifestyles, personalities and styles. A bag that would be ideal for me would not necessarily mean that this backpack would be perfect for you too. Depending on your needs and preferences, your business backpack choice also differs. This way, you will be able to appreciate your bag more. If you take time and effort to select the bag that would fit you, I assure that you will have no regrets! Although it might be a tedious process for others, there are people just like us who are ready to help out. Here in this website, we carefully hand-picked all the backpacks to make sure all are high quality and the best of the best. Rest assured all the backpacks we feature are from well-known and trusted brands. What’s more, these backpacks come with excellent reviews. This means to say that the backpack on this website have undergone a lot of scrutiny and deliberation so that your selection process is made more convenient and faster too. Imagine that! With our help, you will be able to search effectively without any prejudice and be able to make a sound and wise selection. Based on your needs and wants, you will be able to find out that there are a lot of options out there that would suit you. Our LAETE℠ system will make matters so much easier for you. For your convenience, we will label each featured business backpack so you will know which category it belongs. Choosing carefully and arriving at a wise decision is important for any businessman.

“Keep in mind that your business backpack is not just a bag, it is a life companion.” – BBB Team